Post 694: takes one to know one.. a sneak attack on Andy

Remember this photo from yesterday? That’s Andy giving me that “don’t think you have me cornered, bub!” look that tells me he is ready to escape and evade everything from his daily dose of medicine to a little “wuvving”.

Solar powered?  Can you have any doubts?

Andy challenges me to catch him with this look….

He can be a rascal to pin down, as anyone following this blog knows.

Andy resting after he and Dougy chased each other.

Andy, on another day, resting on arm of the recliner.

Yes, today Andy was resting on the arm of the recliner, not paying attention to me, quietly grooming his paws and face, when I snatched him up and took him into the dining room to give him his daily dose of medicine! Woo hoo!

So he is medicated for the day. He will learn quickly, if he hasn’t already, that “medicine time” moved from noonish to breakfast time because he managed to escape and evade his daily dose too frequently at the later time.

Sorry, Andy, but it looks like you have to take medicine for life. Yeah, I’m thrilled, too! 🙁