Post 774: big decision…

It’s Caturday and Andy has to make a big decision about how to spend it. Should he snooze in the tub? Or should he snooze on top of the carrier? Maybe he should just snooze on the settee arm.

Whew! Being a cat is a tough job!

I'm betting he snoozes on top of the carrier!

I’m betting he snoozes on top of the carrier!

16 thoughts on “Post 774: big decision…

    • I wish the kitties would, but they still think that is unacceptable behavior for boy cats! I understand they should become more tractable when they get older, but I don’t know.

    • Just one of three options! He is best known for snoozing on top of the carrier, which is higher. When the tub is on the carrier, his brother Dougy tends to take over the top of the carrier by sleeping in the tub. When I bought the second tub, the idea was both boys would have one, but Dougy sees it differently: Both tubs are his!

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