Post 866: Andy invites me to play…!

Andy surprised me today. He often patticakes my arm from behind, then acts like he didn’t really mean to attract my attention when I try to figure out what’s on his peanut brain.

Today, however, when I felt the inevitable patticaking on my arm, I looked back and saw the boys’ wand toy at Andy’s feet. He was inviting me to play with him! This is a first for Andy. Oftentimes he has to be coaxed to play, unlike his brother Dougy, who always is “up”!

  This shows you the game Andy and Dougy play and the toy Andy left at my feet. If the game makes no sense when the two cats play it, it made perfect sense when Andy hinted he wanted me to join him in the game. A good time was had by all!

Andy and I had a great play date, then he hopped on my computer and cleaned up.

Andy and I had a great play date, then he hopped on my computer and cleaned up.

35 thoughts on “Post 866: Andy invites me to play…!

    • I thought so, too! It was a breakthrough moment for Andy, I think, because he remembers all too well I was the guy who gave him all those baths when he was a kitten with diarrhea. There is a trust and comfort issue there!

    • We had a good time. I was pleased to see Andy enjoy himself so much and for such a long time. Dougy didn’t come along to join in the play, which meant Andy didn’t have to compete for the toy either. I think that was helpful.

  1. What a beautiful boy and Ali grabs her toys out of her pile and comes running with them and she has been doing that lately. Even though she is on meds and will remain on them. She is having such good days and playing and running like a kitten.

    • That’s great to hear, Ruth! I know you have to feel really good about it, too, in view of all the stress and worry you’ve gone through with Ali and her health issues in the past year or so. Love, a good veterinarian, and time to heal! What a lucky kitty!

  2. I have a real funny story that just happened about mom and dad and a mouse but it will be a post soon. A short post but a post. We both give mom
    , “the pat.” We only do this when she is in bed as she’d probably fall over if she was just standing there. We haven’t brought toys to her so Andy is very clever as far as we’re concerned.

    • He’s a smart little monkey, so nothing surprises me when he does it, or shouldn’t. Though he is a petite kitty, he manages to open drawers and cabinet doors by grabbing the top with his front claws and walking backwards on his hind feet. It’s something to witness!

  3. My baby kitties used to reward me by bringing me offerings of dead rats and things and leave them where I would be sure to find them. I assume they were hoping for a little more praise than they got but then I didn’t quite understand they were doing an act of love when they brought me the “Presents.”

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