Post 865: historical Dougy…

I stumbled across this photo of Dougy from 2013 while piddling through my photo files today. I found it charming and think it’s worth a replay!

Nothing beats a good nose rub!

Nothing beats a good nose rub!


35 thoughts on “Post 865: historical Dougy…

    • Thanks! We are doing a very relaxed weekend. I didn’t even turn on my computer yesterday. I almost didn’t today, then I tried to imagine how many e-mails would be waiting for me tomorrow if I left it off for two straight days…. EEK!

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    • It occurred to me that most of the people currently reading my blogs are relatively new to it. I had about 400 new follows in the past year, so there are many older photos of the boys that are new to most people. I plan on reposting these from time to time, especially when I run short of time or ambition to take new material. (LOL!)


    • I presume you refer to the one I recently left on your blog, which I find to be a charming, informative, fun, and, well, very French place to visit! As you know, I have great fondness for France and wish I could visit Amiens, a place you show to be as lovely and historic as can be! I hope people reading this comment take a little time to find your blog and see what I mean.

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