Post 1131: My handsome Dougy!

82816 dougy looks pretty these daysDougy was really clingy yesterday. I pet him. I held him. I told him what a good boy he was. I tried everything! Then I picked up the string toy he and Andy use in their little self-made game, and that perked him up! He wanted to play.

After a few minutes, he was sated and sat down. I took his picture because I love the way he looks right now. His smoke Persian characteristics are coming out in his pelage. My Dougy looks mighty handsome!

40 thoughts on “Post 1131: My handsome Dougy!

    • I tried the mosaic feature in the new editor today, and I think I am actually getting over my resistance to the change! It’s a new way to present a lot of photos. I’ll play around with it again to see how to make better use of it, like positioning the photos more optimally.

    • It’s a good one, I hope….! LOL! “Pelage” I guess is the word, one I occasionally use when I speak of the elegant phase of my kitties’ hair length, whereas “fur” suffices for they coats when shorter.

    • I try to give them the best lives possible since I make them stay inside. As for their pelage, I’d never come across smoke Persians before I got the boys, and I never cease to stand back in awe of how truly beautiful they are. It’s difficult to capture in a photo, though this particular photo comes fairly close.

    • That it is! The kitty brothers both have cashmere-like fur. He isn’t brushed or he’d look more fantastic but I was struck how pretty he looks anyway. I mean, he’s a boy cat, so you expect his hair to be mussed! LOL!

        • Yeah. You know, when Dougy and Andy were given to me, there were two conditions (since they were free): I wasn’t to use them for breeding or I wasn’t to show them at cat shows. They got neutered since I believe in that for domestic pets anyway and I had no intention of showing them at cat shows. So…they aren’t kept groomed to the extent show cats are and they get photographed “as is”. They are pedigree cats, but I saw no purpose or benefit to sending in their papers since I got them under the two conditions.

          • That they do! I agree: you get what you get with them, and cat people understand that what you get is love, laughter, and the destruction of everything in your home to some degree or other. LOL!

          • That sounds about right. And yet I have mourned many of them and still think of them. They can also get rid of people who have issues and don’t like cats.

          • They do live with us forever, in that sense. I still miss little Freckles and Louie the ginger cat, but I think it makes me love and treasure Andy and Dougy all the more. Yes, that is a great benefit of having cats! LOL! (Besides, other than people with allergies who have a legitimate reason not to visit, I’d rather not have animal haters or cat haters come over: Love me, love my cats!)

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