Post 1131: My handsome Dougy!

82816 dougy looks pretty these daysDougy was really clingy yesterday. I pet him. I held him. I told him what a good boy he was. I tried everything! Then I picked up the string toy he and Andy use in their little self-made game, and that perked him up! He wanted to play.

After a few minutes, he was sated and sat down. I took his picture because I love the way he looks right now. His smoke Persian characteristics are coming out in his pelage. My Dougy looks mighty handsome!


40 thoughts on “Post 1131: My handsome Dougy!

    • I tried the mosaic feature in the new editor today, and I think I am actually getting over my resistance to the change! It’s a new way to present a lot of photos. I’ll play around with it again to see how to make better use of it, like positioning the photos more optimally.

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    • I try to give them the best lives possible since I make them stay inside. As for their pelage, I’d never come across smoke Persians before I got the boys, and I never cease to stand back in awe of how truly beautiful they are. It’s difficult to capture in a photo, though this particular photo comes fairly close.

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