Post 1142: sunflower follies of 2016…!

There is a happy little sunflower outside my front door…

91016 happy flower.jpg

I thought I could sneak up on it and get a pretty decent photo. It became alert and shook its blossom…!

91016 go away flower.jpg

“Go away you nasty paparazzo!” Just my luck! It’s a prima donna sunflower!

91016 go away flower 2.jpg

25 thoughts on “Post 1142: sunflower follies of 2016…!

  1. beautiful little sunflower, Doug! I didn’t plant any this year, but one “Inca Jewel” sunflower came up on its own. The little birds will enjoy eating seeds out of the seed heads this fall.

    • Yes, that’s the problem, with trying to grow them! There are farmers in my county who grow them commercially. A whole field of these flowers is something to see once they come into bloom! Also, they grow wild along roads in this state and others. You’d think the birds would have had their fill…

  2. This is true brilliance! The writer has stepped to centre stage with a project with an ingenue! You just wanted to prove you could make it without the stars of the show. They better not find out!

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