Post 1196: “What?! You want the recliner, too?!”

I think Andy and Dougy lose track of one thing: I get to use the recliner, too! Of course, I have to sit cockeyed on the darn thing to make room for a kitty visit. What I do for my cats!


Andy pops onto the recliner footrest…103116-useme-andy-looking-away


“Still there?”103116-no-use-me-andy-head-on

Then Dougy pops onto the recliner footrest…103116-dougy-looking-away

He’s thinking about something.103116-no-use-me-dougy-looking-away

“Hey! What about wand toy time? I want to play. NOW!”103116-use-me-dougy-face-on

So, of course, we played wand toy. Andy sort of joined in, but the game play mostly involved Dougy and me. Monday morning. You ready for it?

I passed!

I’m pretty excited about this! Benji just passed the big test to become an animal therapy dog! Best of all, he was the youngest one to pass, even though one part of the test was to walk through a “minefield” of doggy temptation, food on the path. Stop by his blog and give him a “Good doggy”!

Post 1195: Sunday gets off to a rocky start… but we forget about it at kitty food time!

Andy and Dougy are typical Persians. They love the attention, demand the attention. But it must be in their time and one their terms. Period. No deviation. NOW! 

So, when I didn’t play by kitty rules, both kitty boys gave me the swish. Tail swish, you know. The impatient tail swish.

On top of it, Andy eluded me three times before I trapped him by opening the door (a reliable trick!). He got his medicine eventually, was a good boy, but was wary even when he stopped by the glider to catch my attention.

All was forgiven, however, when I set out the kitty food.


Dougy’s upset because he wants to play kitty toy games. (But I’m taking photos for today’s blog post! So what follows is partially because of you. LOL!)103016 upset dougy on otto insult on tv.jpg

Really upset!103016 upset useme dougy closeup.jpg

Really, really, really upset! (Actually, that’s a yawn, but it’s horrific, eh? Just right for story telling.)103016 cussing doiugy.jpg

Now he gives me the tail swish treatment. He’s not amused.103016 dougy ignores me.jpg

Of course, kitty naps are important, too. He gets comfortable. 103016 dougys tummy recliner.jpg

Andy stops by. He will try to get my attention from behind.103016 useme andy by glider.jpg

When I reach back, he remembers he’s upset because I tried to catch him to give him medicine. Ick!103016 useme andy steps back to avoid capture.jpg

But he gets up on the recliner – available since Dougy’s pouting on his ottoman – and cleans up.103016 use me andy clans up on recliner.jpg

Cheeky cat! He gives me the look. (You know the one! The “I avoided capture! Ha! Ha! Ha!” look. “And I’m cute, too! Mrow!”)103016 cheeky andy on recliner.jpg

But kitty food time resolves all upset!103016 useme andy and dougy have breakfst.jpg

So, not to worry! The kitty boys eventually got what they wanted. 

Post 1194: Caturday and we snuggle down…

It is a very relaxed Caturday. Dougy’s conked out on the ottoman, and Andy stopped by to take over the footrest of the recliner. I get to have part of the recliner only because I’m willing to sit cockeyed on the darn thing. Cats rule, you know!


Andy gives me the eye. He wants me to scootch over!102916 andy looks at me recliner.jpg

Time to clean up, of course.102916 andy tongue.jpg

> lick! lick! lick! <102916 andy grooms useme.jpg

Whew! Now we are very sleepy.102916 useme andy getting sleepy.jpg

Andy conks out. Dougy hasn’t moved a muscle the whole time.102916 useme both sleeping.jpg

My head nods, too. Soon I’ll join the kitty boys in kitty dreamland!102916 me tired too.jpg

This is what Caturday should be all about!

Post 1193: One of the Top Cat Blogs…

Cat Blogger Badge.jpg

I usually don’t agree to awards or recognition beyond supportive comments that followers of this blog give me, yet I recently received notice that this blog was in consideration for the top 50 cat blogs list. I checked the blog out and they review and present top x lists of different things.

I enjoyed going through a random selection those lists, felt agreeing to be on a top 50 cat blogs list would be fun, since some of my favorite ones are on the list, and I am happy to be chosen as a Top 50 Cat Blogger by !

That stated, the real stars of this blog are Andy and Dougy, my kitty boys. They remind me from time to time to be humble because, “We are minor international kitty celebrities! You are not.” Can’t argue with that.

Here’s a link to the top cat blogs list. I personally can’t wait to go through the entire list to follow those I haven’t followed yet! 

Top 50 Cat Bloggers

Post 1192: Dougy discovers the open door…

The unusually warm weather we’re having here means I can open the door and let in some fresh air. That presents an opportunity for my snoopy kitty, Dougy!


The moment of discovery…102816 dougy contemplates open door.jpg

Dougy knows there are wonderful scents and noises outside the door.102816 dougy at door.jpg

“Should I look out? Or not?” 102816 dougy looks up art door.jpg

Dougy approaches cautiously. A strange scent? Because it’s dark outside?102816 dougy approaches door.jpg

Oh well, he can still sniff around! 102816 dougy sniffs at door.jpg

Ordinarily, this would be the scene at the door… This was back in September.92516-andy-and-dougy-wait-for-me

 Andy never checked the scene at the door out, and Dougy soon lost interest. I guess no neighbor cats, bunnies, or other wildlife were out there tonight.

Post 1191: So my kitty boys can get along, too….!

Dougy came over to visit me at the computer. He used the kitty highway (the recliner) and stepped over Andy, who was sleeping on the computer desk shelf, his especial territory. Andy didn’t get upset! Dougy didn’t stop by to irritate his brother! My word! So my kitty boys can get along, too!


I greet Dougy when he steps off the computer shelf. Then I see Andy watching Dougy! I hadn’t noticed Andy till then.102716-andy-and-dougy

Dougy looks back at Andy. A fight to start shortly?!102716-dougy-sneaks-a-peak-at-andy

No. Andy is calm about the intrusion into his space by Dougy. Dougy had to step over Andy to get to his spot by the all-in-one machine.102716-was-is-los-andy

Dougy stays long enough to get some loving, but Andy moves closer to me for a snooze.102716-still-life-with-andy

Dead to the world, my little kitty boy…!102716-andy-close-up-sleeps

Sleep, sleep, sleep! And (being a Persian) Andy snores a little bit.102716-useme-still-life-with-andy

How does he sleep with his head cocked that way??102716-andys-head-upside-dow-use-me

Andy had his rest and left for a little dry kitty food and another snooze in the bathroom, where he’s claimed the bath mat by the shower as his.

Dougy stopped by the computer again for more loving. Persians are very needy kitties. They love their loving!102716 dougy 2.jpg

Seeing Matts And Pelts From A Cat’s Perspective

Here’s an excellent reference on care for long-haired cats. Matting is a problem for these beauties, but there are simple ways to control the problem. (Frankly, if you aren’t prepared to give your long-haired cats regular brushing and trips to the groomers, you probably aren’t the person to have them! They do require your attention.)

Post 1190: Andy relaxes on the recliner…

Dougy wandered off to sleep off his morning kitty food, and Andy used this Dougy-free time to make use of the much disputed recliner for kitty purposes.

Yes, it was clean up and nap time for Andy!


Of course, Andy knew he still needed to be vigilant….!102616 but andy knows be vigilant.jpg

But cleaning up after kitty food time is necessary, too.102616 no useme andy cleans.jpg

Ah! Time to relax a bit!102616 andy in relaxed state.jpg

But he realized he hadn’t cleaned his precious yet. “Must.Clean.Precious!”102616 nomming his precious.jpg

Relaxing again.102616 really use me andy cleans.jpg

Very sleepy now…102616 use me getting sleepy andy.jpg

My kitty boy takes a nap!  102616 useme sleeping andy.jpg

Andy enjoyed his recliner time. Dougy never showed up to take it away from him. 

Post 1189: Andy prevails…!


So starts the endless posturing to take over all the favorite high spots in the apartment! Andy and Dougy sort it out daily. Who gets the recliner? That’s the new favorite.

Dougy still hogs the ottoman and Andy roosts on the stacked carriers. But…that recliner! Rawr! Both kitties want it!


Dougy isn’t happy. Andy’s on the recliner.102516 unhappy dougy andy on recliner useme 1.jpg

Dougy wants me to help. “But you have the ottoman, Dougy. Isn’t that enough?!”102516 dougy looks to me useme.jpg

Dougy ponders the risks. He wants that recliner. More, he doesn’t want Andy to have it!102516 dougy sees andy on recliner use me.jpg

Woo hoo! Dougy takes the recliner from Andy!102516 deougy takes over recliner useme.jpg

But Andy steals it back. And now he is unhappy with Dougy.102516 andy go away use me.jpg

“Don’t go away mad, Dougy. Just go away!”102516 andy with dougy leaving use me.jpg

Though they play this power game all the time, they rarely squabble to the point of a fight. Good boys!