Japanese WWII Vet Sees Trouble on the Horizon

One of my favorite bloggers, GP Cox posted a particularly compelling story today. It is a bit of a departure from his usual fascinating, historical posts, yet very much “on topic”. Please read and know that GP writes one of the top blogs on the Pacific war in WWII. Never forget the sacrifices of the young men and women we send into our wars!

Post 1146: the benefit of a cluttered table…

One benefit of living alone is no one cares if I leave the table cluttered to discourage cats from using it as a highway to the dining area window.

Of course, when my sister and her friend came here for her class reunion, I decluttered the table so we could eat there. Need I tell you that the decluttered table was an open invitation to the kitty brothers?!

Andy wasted no time checking out the decluttered table.

91316 andy on table.jpg

“No, no,  no, Andy! You are too young to have some wine! SCAT cat!”IMG_20160910_171238.jpg