Post 1153: What Dougy wants, Dougy gets…

Dougy wants something from Doug, his human. Hint! Hint! What could that be?

It starts out simply enough with Dougy and Andy perched on favorite pieces of furniture, doing nothing.

92116 alls well in dougylandia.jpg

> Purr! Purr! Purr! <   Dougy seems content…for the moment.


Andy’s also content on the recliner arm…

92116 dougy hints.jpg

Dougy’s sends out hints. (He flexes his extended paw…menacingly!)

92116 andy cant believe his eyes.jpg

Uh oh! Andy gets the point! Will the human?

92116 dougy says dont watch that scritch me.jpg

Dougy gets up to block the television. “It’s all about me! Stop watching that!”

92116 doug figures it out.jpg

“OK, Dougy! I get the message!”

92116 err err dougys scritched.jpg

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Dougy gets scritched! “Between the eyes now, puh-lease!”

92116 dougy is sated.jpg

Happy kitty, happy home! 

92116 dougy says hint hint.jpg

…and don’t you forget it! 

: (

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