Post 2038: the surprise…

Imagine Andy’s surprise when he comes running out of the guest bedroom, hops on the recliner… and Dougy’s there! Uh oh!

Andy manages to escape to the computer desk by the long route. Safely on the all-in-one machine, he is high enough to see Dougy…

…now watching from the recliner footrest, still warm from Andy’s wee behind. Dougy can see that Andy knows he knows Andy knows he knows that Andy knows that he knows that Andy knows that… – whew! Well, once again they did a lot of knowing! It’s not easy being a kitty!

So tiring is this encounter, Andy barely keeps his eyes open. He’s fast asleep seconds later, sleeping the sleep of the little angel he is!

Dougy had the recliner first. Now he has to keep alert and awake unless he wants to risk losing it to Andy. Duh-duh-duhhhhh! Andy! (Anyone tell you Andy’s asleep, Dougy?)