Post 2007: Hey! It’s Andy!

Hiding in plain view…

…sneaking a peek at Dougy…

...and me…’s…

Andy! I see you, buddy!

Post 2006: That ear again…!

Dougy does this when he grooms…

...and it makes me laugh!

Post 2005: Well…OK!

Dougy is a bit standoffish today.

“Are you my kitty? Yes, ya is, boy! Yes ya is!” I try to improve his mood.

“How about a nice ‘scritching’, Dougall?”

That’s my kitty! Dougy is in a much better mood now.

Post 2004: Dougy’d rather pass…

Just enjoying the scene~!

Say what? Play?

Tantalizing yet annoying, too!

Resistance is impossible!

Or is it? Dougy has the last word.: Yep!

Post 2001: more “snoopery”…

Dougy’s at it another day: “Snoopery” is his business!

Of course, when you’re a “Snoopy Gus”, it sometimes takes a little time to keep focused on the things of interest. Get with it, Douglas! You hopped up there for a reason, though I can’t figure out what it might be.

Oh well! The wall is fascinating…NOT! Dougley, get yer priorities sorted out, right now!

There you go. That’s a syringe I just used to give your brother his medicine. Chicken flavored. Nasty stuff. Just ask Andy! Now wasn’t that worth a snoop? (Only Dougy knows. Oh well. His ‘snoopery” is innocent enough.)

Post 2000: Snoopy is a dog…

I sat my sparkling water down on the end table next to Dougy’s ottoman…

…and he has to investigate, making sure I didn’t object, of course!

Briefly diverted by some other scent of interest, he eventually…

…gets back to the main object of interest. That is the point where I decide he’s investigated long enough. I don’t want cat “cooties” on the drinking surface!

Louie the ginger cat, the predecessor to the kitty boys, was a snoopy cat, too. I came up with this joke for Louie: Snoopy is a dog/ Louie is snoopy/ Therefore Louie is a dog!

Ha! So is Dougy!

Post 1999: …worse than you thought!

I know there is some doubt that Dougy is very naughty about scratching on furniture. I offer up proof of his ottoman which gets grimmer by the day!

My little angel!

At least while he sleeps!

Post 1998: Dougy never tires of this “toy”

A simple strip of plastic – it is the tear strip off the kitty boys’ dry food.

Dougy gets very excited when he sees this pill bottle because he knows the strip is in it.

He impatiently tries to help me open it.

I have to mind my fingers because tooth and claw tear into the plastic strip without mercy or hesitation!