Post 2068: smart phone blues…

My smart phone’s acting up, so I returned to my point-and-shot Nikon camera. Nasty! Relearning the capabilities (limitations!) of the Nikon is more than I feel up to just now. Above, a low light shot of Andy and Dougy enjoying a treat. Lovely, hunh? Ugh! I think it’s time to get a new smart phone instead of piddling around with the camera.

Here’s an Andy photo on the SID card in the camera.

Post 2067: in the shadow…

Dougy is hiding in the shadow. The light is so low, I had to process this as a black and white photo, yet he’s still hidden.

A bit better! I’d love to toss the box but this is one of Dougy’s favorites. Dougy waits for the mockingbird to pass by. RAWR!

I guess it isn’t time for the mockingbird to show up, so Dougy takes a snooze.

Post 2066: Suspicious!

Here’s the latest photo of my friend Deborah’s kitties, Charles (front) and André.
Deborah writes: “The boys send their regards.  I caught them sitting suspiciously close together a few days ago. Maybe it’s because the heat is off!”

The kitty boys are happy to have a day off to show that their kitty friends Charles and André are doing well in New Hampshire!

Post 2065: what’s up…

Andy feels safe enough to come out from hiding. Ick! Ick! Ick! The nasty medicine would be totally intolerable if Andy didn’t get Greenies treats afterwards! (At least that’s what he tells me.) On a happy note, Doug the human discovered Andy needs the new medicine once daily instead of twice. He should have read the label!

Bad kitty? Actually, Dougy is hunting a tiny spider you barely can see slightly above and to the left of his right ear. See it? It is a little black dot. What a good boy!

Post 2064: high maintenance…

Still waiting for Andy to come out of hiding so they can play, Dougy uses the time for some maintenance.

Post 2063: Where’s Andy?

Dougy’s sad. He wants to play the string game with Andy, but Andy isn’t to be seen. (Andy’s hiding from Doug the human because he just got his morning medicine. Andy’ll stay out of range for awhile till he’s sure there isn’t any more medicine waiting for him! That’s where Andy is.)

He doesn’t even want to catch the mockingbird. Hey! When you are in the mood to chase your brother around in the string game, catching the mockingbird just isn’t fun.

Post 2062: What next?

Dougy was pensive. Seems there was something he planned to do.

It’s driving him nuts! What’s next?

Oh yeah! Take a nap! How could he forget that?

Post 2061: how it happens…

The kitty boys do require…

…lots of maintenance to come to you pretty and adorable!