Post 2019: over-worked…

You know I’ve over-worked the kitty boys when I have to dig into the archives for something “new”. If you’ve been around long enough, you know this kitty is Louie the ginger cat as his alter ego, Captain Me-Ow. Louie was a great kitty, and I miss him still. Yet, his death lead to me getting Andy and Dougy….

Before the kitty boys discovered the recliner back as a perfect place to roost and sleep, Louie the ginger cat made use of it.

Louie loved to take cat walks…most times! He was a rescue kitty and was used to being inside and out. Unlike Andy and Dougy, I could trust him to take care of himself . I did start walking with him, however, after I did it once and discovered he wandered farther from home than I realized: He needed a little supervision!

I had a lot to learn about cats when I first got Louie. For example, how to recognize a neutered male from a female cat…! LOL! Till I took Louie to the veterinarian’s to be spayed, I thought he was a female cat, so named him “Lucy”, after Lucille Ball, another red-haired comedian. (Louie was a comedian cat!) When the technician told me Louie was a neutered male, I was surprised, of course, but relieved I didn’t have to spend any money that day. But I had to come up with a name for “Lucy” more appropriate a male kitty boy. Yep! So I named him after another Kool Kat, Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong.