14 thoughts on “10May21: Hey, Andy!

    • Yes, and after Andy has “Kitty Food Time”, he expects me to observe his second most favorite time, “Time for Greenies”, which are made in your country, by the way, another good thing about Canada! (Ask Andy!)

    • It’s prescription chicken pate. I add a tiny bit of water to loosen it up, then microwave it six seconds to take the chill off it. Persians, because of the shape of their muzzles, need to have food prepared in ways that are easier for them to eat it.

    • It’s the last plate left in a set and works fine for kitty food. There’s another large plate that’s the last one in another set, and the smaller plates are all the small plates in a current set. Persian muzzles make eating food out of pet bowls a bit problematic. Over the years, I’ve found my two (Andy, the late Dougy) ate their food better, left less wasted when served on these plates.

    • Yes, Andy doesn’t hesitate to let me know what that time is, too! >pat-pat-pat< followed by >PAT-PAT-PAT< followed by the same with a bit of claws!

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