Post 793: Andy finds the ‘nip…!

I put a little catnip out on my computer desk. It didn’t take Andy long to figure out where it was and to come and sample it.

Andy inhales deeply...!

Andy inhales deeply…!
“Good ‘nip!”

“Mmmm! More ‘nip!”
Andy finds the second sample of catnip, and snorts it down.

My cats show the range of cat reaction to catnip. Dougy is interested in it but has no reaction. Andy loves the stuff and reacts with typical cat abandon to this favorite herb.

31 thoughts on “Post 793: Andy finds the ‘nip…!

    • Interesting! That stuff Japanese have – silver vine…? – proved unsuccessful with my boys. They became aggressive with each other. I didn’t care for the reaction, so never gave them more. My brother says his cat goes crazy when when puts BenGay on his legs, reacting pretty much like you’d expect with catnip.

        • It’s easy to grow, but it goes fast once cats realize it’s there…! My suggestion is you plant several plants at the same time or grow one indoors till it is fairly big before transplanting it outside. I personally haven;t had good luck transplanting catnip outside, thanks to cats ripping it up before it could establish itself. My best result was when I grew it in a hanging planter on the patio.

          • I know. I have some oregano in a basket. It is from the same family of herbs and the cats are always wanting to sleep in the basket. It’s cute, but it doesn’t a lot for the oregano.

          • I hadn’t given thought to oregano being interesting to cats. I haven’t grown any lately (inside), but now I’ll have to give it some thought!

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