03May21: black hole…

Andy is shocked! What is this darkness on the electronic window…again???

Andy hops over for a better look. 

“…darkness…more darkness…my soul feels sucked into the darkness…”

“…empty…where are they all now…?” [I call Andy’s name. He seems distant, like the abyss that is my cable provider’s service. I hope I can bring him back!]

Is that you Andy? He seems less focused, changed, scary even. Daemon catt! What has Spectrum done to my kitty boy???

[No kitties were harmed making this post. After a short nap, Andy woke up, himself again. The Spectrum voice said the service would return around 10:30 pm. At midnight-ish, things were back to normal-ish. Good thing I pay so much for this service because I genuinely can be outraged when it stinks!]