Post 1042: batcat…

Persian kitties have strange faces. Straight on, they look owlish. From the side, you’d think you’d seen a bat.



18 thoughts on “Post 1042: batcat…

  1. You are right in the way you present this because it does resemble a bat in a manner of speaking. A little aside here, if I may:

    I know it sounds ludricous but when I was a kid I did have a pet bat for awhile. He was tame and kind of cute and never offered to bite me and loved to hang upside down on my shirt collar.

    One day he just flew away and never returned but I did have him for at least a few weeks before he got tired of me and went on his way to wherever.

  2. The ears are alert – something has his attention!

    I’ve read that Persians and other flat-faced brachycephalic cat breeds can have problems breathing and eating. How do Andy and Dougy fare in this regard?

    • They seem to be ok with breathing, though Andy snores sometimes when he’s asleep. As for eating, I think they do have some difficulties that way. There actually is a cat food made specifically for Persians that is shaped to facilitate easy eating. I think it is Royal Canin that makes it. The brand I feed them seems to be easy for them to eat. (They certainly go through a lot of it!) I got a sample once. Anyway, when I feed them wet food, I put it on a small plate and they lick it up. They tend to leave a lot, which supports the idea that they have difficulties eating it.

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