25Jul22: there’s an Andy somewhere in that furball…

I think Andy’ halfway on his back – his front half – and halfway on his side – his back end. It’s sometimes hard to tell! Cats have incredible flexibility. At an equivalent human age – high 50s equals 11 in cat years, Andy’s age – many of us were past the point where we could touch our toes, let alone get into cat-like poses like this! Andy still makes two meter jumps from one high spot to another and gets the zoomies where he runs through the apartment at speeds worthy of a young kitty.

Sixty-nine days without my laptop.

21 thoughts on “25Jul22: there’s an Andy somewhere in that furball…

    • Lol! Thst,’s how I had to figure out where his face was in that photo. Michel.

      I hope you are better and getting to enjoy ghe garden, even if you aren’t able to work in it.

      Yes. The laptop situation is ridiculous!

    • I envy them their flexibility! Andy is sleeping on his back under the recliner footrest just now. He’s too cute when he sleeps on his back!

        • Welcome to my world, John! My Dad always said when he retired he was growing a beard and becoming a grouch. He retired and stayed shaved and a gentleman. Soooo, it became my responsibility to become the bearded grouch my dear pater never got to be. Lol!

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