Post 800: a damn nuisance, but things turned out just fine!

Andy seemed unusually interested in me this morning while he watched me from the top of the computer.

Andy was very curious. Was it the Egg McMuffin or me he was fascinated by? We'll never know!

Andy was very curious. Was it the Egg McMuffin or me he was fascinated by? We’ll never know!

Maybe it was all the stuff I took out of my billfold. Seems I’d lost it yesterday, did a panic, cancelled credit cards, contacted the police, cancelled my museum duties so I could search for it while the trail was hot…or not so cold, since I had no idea how long it’s been since it went missing.

What a damn nuisance! The only good thing seemed to be the license examiners come to my town Thursdays and Fridays, so I could take care of applying for a new driver’s license the day after I discovered the billfold missing. Though you can apply for replacements on-line, you wait 20 days for it to come, and I couldn’t wait that long for a license!

There is limited public transportation here. You call for a ride, they come, and eventually you get where you are going. It’s a matter of knowing how these things work. I’m used to getting into a car, taking care of business, and being done with it in short order.

Lost several months ago and found my car, barely sticking out near the driver's side  seat track.

Lost several months ago and found yesterday…in my car, barely sticking out near the driver’s side seat track.

The police station woman didn’t encourage me to drive without a license to get to the DMV office today, but I decided I’d risk it. At worse, in the mile drive I might, might pass a police cruiser, but more likely I’d safely get there, license or not. I have a clean driving record.

I’m 67, have driven since I got a learner’s permit at 15 1/2, and in all that time I’ve been stopped once in South Dakota (they were checking local cars for something, so sent me on with a wave…) and once in Nebraska (my idiot boss made me take the company van to drive him to the airport in the next town even though we both knew a headlight was broken out, courtesy of a Nebraska Department of Roads dump truck that “tossed” gravel at the van when someone else was driving it; I got a “fix it” ticket, which was done the same day and should have been done before I got the van in the first place. I was pissed!).

Must have been the Egg McMuffin because he went over to his blue carrier perch on the settee after I finished eating the food.

Must have been the Egg McMuffin because he went over to his blue carrier perch on the settee after I finished eating the food.

Cancelling three credit cards was a revelation. Chase VISA was a nightmare to deal with, with automated menus offering several choices, including one where I was asked to punch in the first three letters of a password. Fine, except I have a primitive flip phone. Two of three letters in the password were the first letter possible for the key concerned. The third letter required punching the key twice to get to the correct letter, which is to say, the automated Chase system mistook for the first letter, not the second.

I am a life member of several organizations, and I didn't look forward to getting these replaced!

I am a life member of several organizations, and I didn’t look forward to getting these replaced!

Follow that? I was yelling obscenities at a machine before I finally got a human. The human noted I’d be able to take a short survey after we took care of our business. I wisely hung up rather than tell them just how I feel.

The 1st National Bank of Omaha card was a little less unfriendly to cancel and arrange for a new card, and the American Express process was simple, fast, all on-line, and offered the fastest replacement time – two days! The others assured me I could see a card in one business week.

As fascinating as I was, Andy had other priorities!

As fascinating as I was, Andy had other priorities!

And the lost billfold? This morning, while putting on my light jacket to leave for the DMV, I felt a lump in the left sleeve, an odd lump…! Yes, somehow my billfold ended up in the sleeve lining. Oddly enough, it was still in the pocket I usually put it in, and the pocket was what was stuffed…JEEZ! After all the fuss, then, I still had everything, but was getting all new credit cards. I didn’t have to go to the DMV (illegally driving there) I’d got ready to go to, and I had the added bonus of finding that lost car key!

This business was a damn nuisance, but things turned out just fine!

27 thoughts on “Post 800: a damn nuisance, but things turned out just fine!

  1. I guess the sweat flowing fro your forehead when you realized you had lost papers and cards . I prefer not to think of that .
    Andy thought certainly : dad has a problem !! 🙂
    In friendship

    • There definitely was a lot of sweat! I looked everywhere I could imagine it might be, including feeling through the pockets of the jacket where I eventually found the billfold…in one of the pockets!

  2. Good story, and a wake up call to all of us about always knowing where our wallets and things are. I had an incident the other day with mine, too, though not nearly as bad…. found it soon and didn’t have to call anyone, though it did mess up my schedule. And finding your lost key near the seat track in your car encourages me that I might find a lost earring or two. Hope i wouldn’t have to remove the seat to do it. My dad lost a hearing aid while riding in my car and doing some errands, and it was never found. I haven’t given my car a good cleaning, ever, really…. so I might even find that, too. My dad no longer needs it, having passed on, but I could possibly use it myself.

    • I think I probably need to carry cash and a driver’s license in the billfold. Credit cards should be secured at home till I actually know I’m headed some place I can use one, and the other stuff can go in a drawer unless I’m visiting someplace where the life member card gets me special treatment.

      The key surprised me because I looked in the very place I found it when I lost it, and it didn’t show. It must have worked itself out from under the seat somehow. However it happened, I’m glad to have the extra key now that I know how much a replacement costs!

  3. Look at that beautiful face-love your boys faces-I know they are boys but they are so adorable-ok Ali says handsome.
    Oh man after all of that I would not be calling to tell them I found the lost credit cards.
    CHASE Visa is a big pain in the butt and trying to get ahold of a human is almost impossible without a couple of hours to sit and wait.
    We have a chase credit card of emergency situations like a tsunami when we need to get out of town and stay at a motel while gone and get Ali into a vet boarding out of town.
    Living this close to the coast that is always possibility we are to aware of.
    Happy you found everything including the missing key.

    • Boys or not, they are pretty! The credit cards are in the process of being replaced. American Express already sent me an e-mail telling me to expect it because it was mailed yesterday! The others were cancelled yesterday. I did verify with each company that any charges currently on them were mine, though that proved unnecessary in the end. It”s good to know how they handle these things , though, and AmEx gets the big prize!

    • Whew! And so am I! The situation makes me think I need to review what I actually carry in my billfold. Several of those items don’t need to be with me all the time and replacing them would be a pain.

  4. Hear you. I asked for a nice stamp to send a birthday card to my granddaughter. They told me that they have only a basic stamp for that value. I asked if I can get two or three or ten beautiful stamps and combine them, even if I pay more. The answer was no. I still don’t understand why no.

    • I’m surprised you had that problem. You might be happy to know, though, that your country does have a philatelic sales agency, that they do sell Irish issues for special occasions, among other things. I located a link to that service, and you might find you can supply your special occasion postage needs very adequately through them! (I’m guessing that you are in Eire, not Northern Ireland. If you were in Northern Ireland, the Royal Mail has a similar service for postal patrons.)

      • Thank you! That must be in Dublin 🙂 In general, our stamps are beautiful, and the clerk did have a selection of nice stamps – but not a one euro stamp i needed. On my request to give me five 20 cent stamps instead she answered that she cannot do that 🙂

        • In tiny print at the bottom of the home page (I think it was), it did give a Dublin address. That’s even stranger that you couldn’t buy the equivalent postage in lower denomination stamps…! Until they introduced “Forever” stamps, there seemed like frequent rate increases came along (still do…!), and I always had to use multiple stamps to get the equivalent new rate’s worth of postage on the letter. Odd.

  5. The moon must be full because I had the morning from hell myself I feeling better now because I am not alone cant say I wish to share its way to complicated and my brain rite now is refried beans from all of it
    Alls well in Ellsworth
    As always Sheldon

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