05Sep21: including a long Louie walk video….

After Louie died, I was thankful I had this short video where he “meowed” at me.

I didn’t usually make Louie wear his collar inside, but he did require one when he was outside.

This is a long video of a walk Louie took around the compound. 


Oops! I accidentally posted this on the first of September. I post it again on  the intended day, today, the fifth of September, though 38 people already saw it and many of you commented.

20 thoughts on “05Sep21: including a long Louie walk video….

    • I felt the same the first time I came across your blog posts, and Chris is one of my top favorite kitties among all on the website! Louie made me a big fan of ginger tabbies.

    • Louie was such a pretty kitty boy, I always had a sense that one day someone would come along and say, “That’s my cat, Pumpkin Boy [or some silly name like that!]” and prove it somehow irrefutably, leaving me with no option but to give him up. He was that special a cat. Yet no one ever showed up, which puzzled me. Of course, I’m glad no one did.

    • I was barely into learning the fun of digital point-and-shoot cameras and their video capabilities at the time, and the same with the Microsoft video editor. That capability (and ease of use) brought back my training in motion picture photography that I used in my US Army wok as a mopic guy. I loved that work, and it was fun, again, to make and post the3se kitty videos. Of course, when I made them, I hadn’t a clue that the day would come that they would become a remembrance of cats past….

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