24Feb23: Andy wants some loving…

Andy stopped by.

I could tell he wanted some loving!

That’s easy to do. I rubbed his face, head, ears, and chin, all of his favorite things!


What a day yesterday! At the corner of Burham Drive and Box Butte, about two blocks from the hospital, I drove over the hump of snow blocking the intersection after Box Butte was graded.

I misjudged how much of an obstacle it was and got good and stuck.

After failing to get free of the snow, I realized I had to get to the hospital for dialysis, on foot. I guarantee a walker in snow is not a happy thing, especially in subzero weather. I kicked on the hospital door, trying to get someone’s attention – the door is locked until five o’clock, and I got there before that time. No one heard the commotion!

Anyway, at five, the door opened, I got in, cold as heck, pissed and frustrated.

The nurses fixed me up with extra blankets to warm me up and Tanya told me she’d call Greg, her husband to see if he could get my car unstuck. Within a couple hours, she brought my keys back to me. Greg had managed to get my car unstuck and had parked it in the hospital parking lot in one of the dialysis patient parking spots. Whew!

The outcome, since this is a complication for anyone, but more so for someone with a disability, I will have to overcome my resistance to carrying my smartphone in future if there is some possibility of this sort of complication happening so I can alert them at the hospital. 

I offered to buy Greg and Tanya lunch, but Tanya told me that was unnecessary. I am grateful, regardless, that they came to my rescue.


I’m still sorting through the unwanted changes in settings on my laptop that came about from the lethal Microsoft Edge two-and-a-half-plus hour update on Wednesday. I’m having a wonderful time trying to access my bank account information online since the update wiped out my access code. I keep screwing up trying to reset it. Each time I try, I manage to have problems, then the damn account gets blocked for security reasons! I guess I should take heart. If I can’t access my own account, then neither can anyone else!

29 thoughts on “24Feb23: Andy wants some loving…

    • Gad! Me, too! I’m just glad I was reasonably close to the hospital. Burnham Drive, coincidentally, was named after a well-regarded doctor who worked at the hospital here.

  1. I have one of those devices you wear around your neck in case “I,ve fallen and I can’t get up.” I have to charge it, which I do when I will be out and about where there are other people and I have my cell-phone, It has dawned on me that, evein if I was in my 30’s, living alone and not going to work I could fall downstairs and no one would know it. So it isn;t only us oldsters who need to be aware of it Don’t feel bad.

  2. It sounds more like Andy knew you needed attention, Doug. Cats are good at knowing when the humans have hada rough time.

    Yes, carrying your phone is a good idea. Even going somewhere nearby, one never knows what might happen, and it is good to have a lifeline. I am glad you got to dialysis on time, and your car was unstuck by angels.

    • A ndy has these moments where he is extra needy, and he’s been that way lately. He gets the attention, of course, when I’m home.

      Yes, it was very much appreciated that my car was unstuck and brought to the parking lot to be available when I got off dialysis! I was very stressed out till Tanya said she’d called her husband and he would unstick it!

  3. Wow! That’s an adventure. Although, Not necessarily a good one. I am glad all ended well, though. Maybe you should get a Password Book to keep your Passwords in. Then, you only have to remember to write them in the book.

    • I have passwords saved on Google. The problem is some accounts and sites are set up with extra security features that have to be dealt with if Microsoft updates. Pisses me off, but I guess the extra security is appreciated on things like my bank account.

  4. Oh Doug, this is a horrifying story! I hope the loving / screeching session with fluffy, adorable, and WARM Mr Andy has compensated for the stress at least somewhat.
    On a different note, I hate to disabuse you of the notion, but even though you don’t have access to your bank account, it doesn’t mean the wily hackers don’t.

    • Thanks! It was miserable, but I appreciate the help I got. I had no idea how I’d get the chore done or who’d help me since service is scant these days.

    • I absolutely hate those updates when they wipe out settings, making me settle for what someone else thinks is an improvement! Yeah, I’ll survive, but not happily.

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