Post 1625: “Sxxx!” “No, snow!”

Andy checked it out first. Yep! Snow! Dougy, my snow bunny, had to give up a prowl on the dining room table to check it out. (Poor naughty boy!)


“Yep! Snow!” Dougy verified the forecast was accurate: 100% chance of precipitation. Looks like 100% to me, too. 

Fortunately, Andy had alternative plans for the day. Knowing Dougy, he’s probably back on the table. 


35 thoughts on “Post 1625: “Sxxx!” “No, snow!”

    • My sister lives in Seattle, another place where people have difficulty with slippery streets from a rare snow. She was raised in Nebraska, so is good on slick streets, but she told me about the time she came over a hill to see a pileup of cars at the bottom, cars driven by people not raised in Nebraska! She skillfully came to a stop before hitting the cars, but had to stay where she stopped because the road was blocked with the pile up. Then, a car came over the hill. The woman driving the car realized she had no control of her car, opened the door, and hopped out, and let her car careen out of control into my sister’s car, which then crashed into the pile up! So much for the advantage of learning to drive in Nebraska!

      • In Philadelphia, we used to say that all inept drivers get into pile ups on the first day of snow. Then the roads are cleared up, and you can drive without the danger of someone torpedoing you out of the blue.
        Snow is the reason I left Philly one freezing December morning and started driving south, until I came to the very tip of the US – South Beach (not counting the Keys, of course, but then I am not Hemingway!).

        • LOL! No six-toed cats for you, eh?! Anyway, here, it was good fun reading the :Alliance In Brief” column in the local paper the day and next day after a snowfall because you got to see whom among one’s neighbors didn’t know how to drive in snow. That’s where you read about all the police calls for the previous day.

  1. There is a Doug in that household without floofy paws and those toes lookd pretty pink in the open doorway. I hope you didn’t stand there very long.

  2. Oh pals I’m so sorry. Snow is cold, wet and miserable. I refused to go outside during this time. Who wants snow on their pot-belly? Thankfully ours is gone now. Shaking my head. Be strong my friends. Be strong. XOXO – Bacon

    • Their floofy hair holds the snow away from their bodies and it doesn’t melt till they are inside. Dougy has explored a little (with heavy supervision) just outside the door after snows, and I think he would enjoy playing in it if I let him., Mostly he sniffs everything and has a great time doing it! Andy prefers not to take a chance outside.

  3. oooh snow much fun! or not? I never saw real snow, but I hope Mr. Winter has some for me in its pocket ;o) btw: that’s very brave of your human to great that white cold stuff with nekked paws ;O))))

      • Yeah, that auto-correct can be a pain, eh? Even handsome dogs get their message messed up with auto-correct!

        Oh, yes, since you aren’t used to snow, you’d soon learn on your walks that it is coooooold on the tootsies! You’d be begging Dad to carry you back to the car.

        Andy and Dougy have floofy paws, so they’d probably get little ice balls attached to the floof if I let them go outside. You might get them, too, between your toes. Snow is a pain, no matter how pretty it is!

        Oh, yeah! You probably would enjoy eating it, though.

    • Careful what you wish for, Phenny! It is fun, but, as Andy discerned right away, snow is just a disguise water uses in winter! “Ick!” to quote Andy.

      Yeah, standing next to the door in a t-shirt and shorts, barefooted, I am pretty brave! Of course, I don’t step outside into the snow that way, either!

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