25Feb23: “Where were you, Doug?”

Well, you asked, Andy. It was a monthly AHS Class of 1966 luncheon. Lots of food and talk and fun!

I smelled doggy on you and you were late for kitty food time…

20 thoughts on “25Feb23: “Where were you, Doug?”

    • The dogs not only are cute, they are exceptionally well behaved. I look forward to times at their home. Tootsie love, love, loves tug-a-war, and always greets you with her tug-a-war toy. LOL! Marco is just sweet and cool. He settles for patting and having his ears scratched.

  1. I am glad you are able to get out for these luncheons, Doug. The pups look like they were having a good time, too! I suppose Andy has forgiven you, or will by the next meal. 🙂

    18 degrees and clear here this morning. The snow we had this week did not amount to much in my area, but we may get more by tonight if the forecast was correct.

    • I hope Andy’s cool, but, yes, Tootsie and Marco had a good time with the humans. They are very good dogs! I enjoy seeing them each time we have the get-together at Donna’s

  2. Poor Andy! I’m glad that you had this opportunity to go, Doug! I went to one class reunion years ago and did not like it one bit. Very awkward so I left. Byeeee!

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