18Aug23: Happy Birthday Sis!

That’s the Birthday Girl, second from the right! My sister Kathy has a birthday today and I wish her many more. She and I are the last two in our immediate family and are third and fourth in birth order. She is Saki the kitty girl’s human. You remember Saki? No? Well here Saki is! This is primarily a cat blog, but I can’t forget my sister on her big day.

30 thoughts on “18Aug23: Happy Birthday Sis!

  1. I do remember beautiful Saki! Wishing your sister Kathy a very Happy Birthday! May you and Kathy have many more years to enjoy. That is a very nice set of sibling photos with you, Dick, Kathy and Marijean.

    • The photos are a favorite thing of mine since while we almost always saw each other during the years, it usually was two or three out of four, but rarely four altogether because of family, vacation, or school schedules. Saki, my sister told me today, is a treat kitty like Andy, and, like Andy, is on a treat diet because of a little chunkiness!

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