19Aug23: “You’re my kitty!”

Sometimes Andy and I just need to remind each other we are each other’s best buddy.

Of  course, when Andy has important kitty business to do, he doesn’t wait for me to get a perfect photo of him….


Woo hoo! My Wi-Fi mouse arrived a day late but now is taking over mousing duties from the terrible touch pad! I love being able to just plug in the little card and all the mousey set-up business is taken care of. I did have to look for that card, which was hidden inside the battery cavity, a fact not noted on the packaging. The old mouse had one of those, too, so I knew (from the description on Amazon) that there had to be one somewhere. It’s smaller thn the older missing mouse, much more comfortable in the hand, too. Woo hoo! Happy to be mousing again!




12 thoughts on “19Aug23: “You’re my kitty!”

    • LOL! I think Andy’s finally get a bit tired of “mousie in the cabinets” after years of playing it. i was tired of it much sooner! Mouses definitely are best.

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