28Aug23: “No ‘mousies’… again!”

Andrew pulled me away from the front room on urgent kitty business.

He wanted to do a kitchen cabinet “mousie” check.

“No ‘mousies’, Doug!

Whew! What a relief, Andy!


30 thoughts on “28Aug23: “No ‘mousies’… again!”

    • It is a nice sensation, John. Andy hates it, but that never stops me from doing it and whispering in his wee ear, “…but you are mah kitteh!”

      • Tax are so unique and different from dogs. I prefer cats. They have a sense of dignity about them. And, they don’t bark like my neighbors dogs do. 😵‍💫😖

        • The barking factor is why I chose cats for my retirement companions! It is very annoying to be in my own yard and have the neighbor’s dog bark at me.

          • I see, you chose wisely, Doug! What cranks me off is that so many dog parents seem to have zero clue that their barking mutts are ticking off other people. Not everyone loves dogs. It’s kinda funny for me to say that, Doug, because I grew up with dogs but they just don’t fit in my life right now.

          • We both have changed as we’ve aged. I don’t hate dogs, I just don’t want to hear the darn barking. Peace and quiet are my friend these days living by myself. 😎🍻

          • Quiet is a beautiful thing these days. Living by myself can be very peaceful. Back in the 80s, it was all about loud music and rock and roll!

          • Go back a decade and that was my idea of a good time, too. Pink Floyd and Joe Cocker I saw live and ear-achingly loud. Simon and Garfunkel and Ravi Shankar’s ensemble were loudish because of my seats, but tame by those days’ standards. I listened to recorded music with the volume up, too.

          • Likewise your selection! I’d especially like to have seen The Who in the day. Van Halen when Sammy Hagar was vocalist was my favorite time for that band, and Eddie Van Halen always was great! My musical interests trend toward Baroque and Classical, but any well-performed music is agreeable, regardless of style.

          • David Lee Roth definitely defined the early version of the band and I remember thinking Roth couldn’t possibly replace him. Different, if not better….

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