14Oct23: Merrie Sunshine… not!

Andy is a slow waker. It takes him a bit of time to join the living, but this is a good time for me to rub his head and ears, perhaps go up and down his back massaging it. I wake up the same way so I know not to try to rush him along, just make all communication physical. Yes, rubbing that spot between his eyes and on his nose goes over well, too! He purrs and drools when I do that.

30 thoughts on “14Oct23: Merrie Sunshine… not!

  1. So cute! You had sunshine, Doug? I’ve been up in Michigan for a week now and the sky has been gray 99 or so percent of the time. I miss Las Vegas! And, I can see my home via the cameras. Sunshine everywhere. Give Andy a scritch for me. 😊

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