16Oct20: kitties still don’t like coffee…

“Kuriosity Kat” spots it, a mug of coffee Doug recklessly left on the end table.

Andy approaches the mug cautiously….

Andy has to check it out more closely…. Sniff!

“Hey! Kitties don’t like coffee!” Andy gets right in my face to let me know!

Andy always checks out my drinks and food. It might be good for kitty boys!




15Oct20: …in which I try to stir the savage beast!

I set up objects Andy is known to find “pounceable”.

I call his name. If I toss these one by one, he will chase after them! Well, he has in past.

I have his attention!

Looks like progress! Andy is ready to play!

Or not. Rats! Andy just wants to rest on the lapboard.(Andy got into the spirit of “play” later.)






12Oct20: After Dougy died…

…I’d look at Andy while he slept, and sometimes have to strain to see any movement. Was he breathing or not? So…

…I’d say his name to wake him up, then reach over, ruffle his head feathers, happy to reassure myself he was still alive. I know it’s silly, but…!

11Oct20: caught off guard…

Andy stopped by the recliner for a rest.

He senses the presence of…

…”The Hand That Rubs and Scritches Andy’s Head Without Asking!” Horrors!

Andy is not amused!


Andy’s eye looks icky in these photos, but he just hadn’t cleaned off eye snot yet. Later in the day, he finished the job.

I took a selfie at the doctor’s Friday. Gad! This pandemic beard creeps me out! No wonder Andy freaks out when I move in to give him a head bump. LOL! I hope the lady who cuts my hair is cutting hair again, soon, though I’m curious how she will do it while I wear a mask. (I’ve thought about possibilities.) In the meantime, I’m the wise old man of the mountain or a mountain man coming off the mountain after too many years….









08Oct20: Andy liked the debate, for his reason…

Andy knew this would be grim, not kitty fare ever! 

Yeah, pretty much as predicted, till…

…could it be?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Andy spots the fly on Pence’s head! Maybe this is kitty fare after all! Woo hoo!


It is reported that the fly sat on Pence’s head for two minutes, three seconds.












07Oct20: Curiosity…

Andy has normal curiosity for a kitty boy. Believe it! All there was in the cup was ice.

Earlier, I gave him a piece of that ice, which he “footballed” off the end table, soccer style.

Yet he had to worry that cup just in case it held something of interest for a kitty boy. Could be…!

Sorry, Andy! Nothing of interest here. You hear me? Nothing. (After I took this photo, of course, he stuck his head all the way in the cup.)