16Sep21: Andy puts his paw down…

Howdy, Andrew! What’s happening?

“Not now.” Andy puts his paw down.

“I’m serious, Doug!”

When Andy puts his paw down, he is dead serious!

15Sep21: in which I hold Andy against his will….

Persian kitties supposedly are happy lap cats…

…sweet natured, lazy…

….happy spending lap time with their human.

Andy didn’t read the Persian kitty resume. He’d just as soon be doing what he wants to do rather than pleasing me doing nothing in my lap.


14Sep021: Andy watching me watching Andy….

An everyday event here…

…I see him doing it…

Andy thinks he’s sly, but I know he’s watching me watching him!

13Sep21: mah kitteh…

“Hey Andy!” I encourage Andy to come over for lovin’!

Scritch! Scritch!

Oh yeah! A little chin rub! Andy likes that!

Boop! Thanks for stopping by, Andrew! I enjoyed that!


12Sep21: “Stop looking at me!”

Andy noticed…

…me taking his photo.

“Stop looking at me!”

Can’t help it, Andy. You look too cute sleeping like that.



09Sep21: the right prey…

Andy let me know he wanted some excitement, a kitty video.

Mousie amused him a bit.

Birdies were more exciting because they made birdie sounds.

But the string…

…the string got Andy all wound up! RAWR!


03Sep21: miscellaneous Louie videos…

Louie may have wanted a treat, but I “scritched” him instead.

Louie liked to sleep on the top of the recliner….

I loved “scritching” Louie!

02Sep21: “Let’s play, Andy! …no!?”

“Let’s play, Andy!”



Ignoring everything I tried to get Andy to play with, he spotted a bottle cap behind the ottoman. That, of course, he played with!