11Jan22: “my” water…

Andy decided he wanted my ice water. I mean, he was climbing all over me trying to get to it, so I gave in and let him have it.

09Jan22: what’s it?

Andy and I were watching this early 1930’s movie when this guy brought out this banjo-sounding “thing” and plucked away while he sang a song. I thought I’d seen everything. Nope! What is it?

Too much mystery! I gave Andy a head rub instead of puzzling further over this mystery instrument.

I found this after a “google”, and it isn’t identified by much more than “lyre-banjo”. I don’t see the point of it since there doesn’t seem to be a function for the lyre part of it.

07Jan22: the box…

What’s more fun than a kitty and a box!? Really!

Andy! Get in the box!

Andy almost got in the box. This is as far as he got.

Stray focused, Andy! The box! The box!

This isn’t going well.

Oh well. The box.


06Jan22: edge distortion…

Andy is a cutey pie, but edge distortion in my smart phone camera makes him look like a chronic drunk!

Better…a slight change of angle helps. Love how he crosses his paws!

His favorite place and position these days in the recliner footrest. It has just the right-sized depressions and rises for a comfortable sleeping place for a kitty boy! He also love, love, loves to roost in the depression in the recliner arm. 

He started to take a kitty bath when I called his name. Poor kitty! He didn’t need the distraction.

05Jan22: testy kitty boy…

“Was ist los, Andrew?”

“Speak Catinese and I’ll tell you.”

Andy’s in no mood to deal with anything but Catinese today.

04Jan22: “The Ballad of Narayama”…

Andy stopped by to watch the film.

For a moment, he was interested.

“What? What? What?”

This one is just too Japanese for my kitty boy.

But not Doug. The spare koto solo, the Kabuki-influenced presentation, the beautiful cinematography (a very Japanese aesthetic…), the compelling despair of the story – Andy’s missing a chance to see a classic Japanese film of some import.

They all can’t be about Godzilla, buster!

It was frightening enough to learn a new Japanese term: obasute. Maybe it’s just because I’m older than 70! 

Ubasute – Wikipedia

The Ballad of Narayama (1958 film) – Wikipedia

02Jan22: so the newspaper came…and went

Newspaper day! Andy love, love, loves to “read” the newspaper!

A really good news week, it seems.

What!? What!? What!?

Andy sees I’m reading a different section.

Will Andy demand I hand over my section???

 Andy gives it thought…

Too soon!

He’s not through with his section. Whew!

Yes, newspaper day is an event here on the lane!