Post 2152: Andy’s busy day…

Here, in exclusive low light photos is Andy and Dougy sorting out who gets to stay on the kitty lounger they both claim. Andy’s on the lounger. Dougy got bopped on the head and he ran into the guest bedroom. Andy gloated about winning this round in “The Terribly Serious, Mean-Spirited War For Control Of The Kitty Lounger Both Brothers Want”. Whew! This is how Andy topped being a naughty kitty by hiding for almost four hours to avoid his medicine. Bad, bad kitty! I had a long, serious talk with him, balancing his little butt on my knee and holding him up, supporting him under his little arms. I forced him to look straight into my eyes, in violation of kitty rules of etiquette. I WAS MAD!

Andy felt bad. My talk apparently penetrated his little head because he gave me exclusive attention most of the morning. He was the most playful he’s been in a long time. We had fun wand toy playtime that lasted nearly an hour!


He drew the line at brushing, so we settled for “scritching”. Yeah, it’s hard to stay mad at such a sweet kitty boy!


Post 2151: I’m better today…


The kitty boys were concerned about why I spent the day Monday in bed. They came around as a team, meowing, patting me till I woke and sat up. This they did several times during the day. Apparently, the chicken I ate Sunday was tainted. Something, at least, knocked me out for a day! I’ll spare you details.


Nice to know the kitty boys were concerned. (“Who will open the cans? Who will open the cans!?”) 


Of course, without me around, who’d “scritch” the kitty boys? No wonder they were concerned! 

p.s. I feel much better today, if a bit weak.


Post 2150: one stop “scritching” place…


Dougy stops by with some expectations. I know (he does an annoying whiney thing…) that he wants some heavy “scritching”! Hey! That’s what I live for, eh, Dougley?

“Thy wish is my command, Mr. Cat!” I give Dougy his wish.


Andy sees this “scritchfest” going on and gives me the “Sad Kitty Eyes That Rip Your Heart From Your Chest And Make You Wish You Were Never Born You Are Such A Terrible Person” look. Well, no way to ignore that, eh?! 

Andy’s front paws flex in anticipation of what’s next: Aw, yes! The eye thing still works!

Post 2147: Go kitteh~ go kitteh~ go kitteh!

Wow! Andy’s wound up tighter than a kitty on catnip today!

 What you don’t see is Andy pirouetting in air, taking to the sky, doing triple flips in the stratosphere to catch that Nekko bug! But he’s putting on a major show today!


Whew! Aren’t you the kitty on medicine for high blood pressure? (He is, but he’s still the kitteh! You can’t slow a kitteh down!) 

Post 2144: Dougy restores order…


Dougy notices Andy spends a lot of time on the cat lounger Dougy claims as his own. No good! No good!

Well, what you gonna do about it, big boy? 


Dougy broods a little, then…


…he restores order! (This ending is kind of predictable, eh?!)

Post 2143: day of rest…

The kitty boys insist that today be a day of rest. Being adorable takes lots of effort!

Post 2141: Andy stops by…

Dougy isn’t on the ottoman, so Andy feels comfortable stopping nearby. So…why not play a little wand toy? We have a few minutes of good, clean kitty fun, all without Dougy getting upset because we are too close to his ottoman!


Andy is pleased and it is time to take a rest. 

Post 2138: reading in the dark…


“Reading magazines in the dark will ruin your eyes, Andy!”


“Silly human! Don’t you know I’m hunting between the pages for birds and mousies !?”

Post 2137: I learn a smart television trick…

When Dolly recommended a Russian series, little did I realize transferring the YouTube video to my smart television was as simple as tapping a little television icon on the YouTube video tagline and switching the television from a HDMI feed to one for YouTube. (Well, it is more simple than it sounds! Really!). That made watching the series easier and on a larger screen than my laptop. Just as interesting, for the kitty boys, I did this little trick with kitty videos. Andy swatted away at the television screen images faster than you can say “Andy”!


Though Dougy was interested in the videos, he also respected Andy’s territorial claim to the television stand. He watched from his ottoman. The kitty boys asked me to tell their Auntie Dolly “благодарю вас”, though it sounded more like “Meow!” to me. This new development amuses them!

Post 2134: More changes..?

There seems to be a shift in preferences going on. This is Dougy where I expect Andy to be…!

And Andy owns the magazines-to-read pile! (I really need to work on that pile because they keep coming in the mail, eh?!)