14Nov20: Pestopher’s Andy’s pal now it seems…

When Pestopher showed up, I was sure Andy would -RAWR! – get his kitty on.

This not a kitty boy getting his kitty on! Pestopher is bugging around with impunity.

What’s wrong with this picture?!

13Nov20: How does Andy sleep like that?


Andy switched positions on the end table. I can’t believe he’s comfortable!

His spine is crushed against the lamp…,

… his head is turned upside down the way cats do…,

…and the fan is blowing hard enough he must have to consciously hold it back. I wonder how he can sleep in this position!

12Nov20: We let Pestopher choose…

This fly’s been bugging Andy and me for four or five days. We finally named him/her/it Pestopher “Pest” Flye. In the spirit of brotherhood, the coming season, or something silly, Andy and I decided to let Pest choose the best photo of the two together.

Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. LOL!

11Nov20: Dougy was a bird watcher…

Facebook brings up posts from the past, and this one recently brought a smile to my lips. It’s the late Dougy doing what he most liked to do, watching birds in the fir tree in the backyard! He got his kitty on while doing this and chirped and attacked the screens. He was so intensely interested in the birds, I could barely get his attention.

10Nov20: Sleepy boy!

It’s happening…

…I believe Andy’s about to…

…take his 15th nap today!

Just the same, my family agrees that cats make life better!

09Nov20: Monday, Andy goes to work…

Monday’s just another workday for Andy, and he’s hard at it!

Of course, after hard work, kitty takes his siesta!

08Nov20: Andy figures it out!

Andy is sad. He sees me eating ice and he wants some!

Seriously, can I ignore this face?!

No! So I give Andy a piece of ice. He has a small problem managing it, but my helpful finger pushes it to a safer spot on the lapboard.

Smart kitty! Andy learns how to keep the ice on the board after seeing me do it once!

So much for ice. You know Andy. Now he’s off on important kitty boy business!

07Nov20: Andy’s pleased with breakfast!

Andy stopped by…

…to let me know he enjoyed his breakfast! Then he left to take care of kitty boy business – to take a nap.

06Nov20: Another type of feather time….

Andy spends time “floofing” his fabulous tail.┬á

Of course, sleep is important, too, but not if Andy remembers he hasn’t eaten all of the Greenies! Soon, he’ll hop off the end table and deal with those Greenies.