04May21: the photo…

“Let me put my ears on first, then you can take my photo, Doug….”

Wow, Andy! And your horns, too! 


02May21: smoke Persianhood…

“What’s up, Doug?” Andy demands to know.

Before I brought the kitten you and your late brother, Dougy, home, Andy, I’d never heard about smoke Persians. Now, when your hair grows out, I get to see just what a pretty thing a smoke Persian kitty is!

[Andy nodded in approval of my realization.]

01May21: “%&^$!”

Andy is pensive, well…

…a bit wound up!

Makes no sense to Andy: “Where’s supper?”



30Apr21: Andy gets my attention…

I don’t have much good to say about Facebook, but they do have one feature I do like: when they pull up a post from the past. In this instance, it is one I posted four years ago. Andy has his way of drawing my attention when he wants something from me. In this instance, he was just playful when he “booped” my head. In other instances, he “boops” my head, then he rubs his face on my hair, followed by a “playful” nip on my scalp to remind me kitty boys need to be fed in a timely manner! 

Of course, what goes around comes around, and I’m known to “boop” Andy on the nose, “just because”. 

29Apr21: hanging out…

Looks like Andy’s running a foot race in his sleep!

Doesn’t look comfortable to me, but this is how Andy sleeps on the ottoman, a favorite hang out.

Andy took a slightly different position this time. Looks a little more comfortable, doesn’t it?

18Apr21: walking the cat…

I tried walking the late Louie, with mixed results. I took Andy and Dougy for walks in a carriage designed for safely walking small pets, but never on a harness.

As much as Louie love, love, loved being a part time outside kitty boy, he still determined when that outside time was.

This was a particularly successful walk with Louie. Note that I let him freewheel it. The one time I tried to put a harness on him, it took him less than the time from putting him down on the ground till he was out of it!

17Apr21: What’s on your agenda, Andy?

Andy poses for his best “Noble Rin Tin Tin” impersonation, never mind he was a doggo! 

“Get ready! Now I’m going to do…

…my best impersonation of a kitty taking a nap!”

That Andy! What a great impersonationist! Here’s his absolutely best impersonation, though:

See what I mean?