Post 1534: Listen up!

Listen up!

There is some confusion – again! – about the name of this blog. Once again, weggieboy is notwedgieboy.

In the dawn of this blog, I needed a name for the blog and I chose one that related to Wegener’s granulomatosis, or GPA, a disease I have. A “weggie” is someone who has that disease. I am male  – let me see… mmm…yep! male! – hence I’m a “weggieboy” (pronounced wegg-ee-boi).

We have a range of symptoms. Some of us are in remission, some are between flares, and some never go into remission. In those times in remission, we may or may not be under a doctor’s care. Rather than think of ourselves as perpetual patients, we break it down to the term that describes us without reference of current medical status: “weggie“. My current status is “in remission”.

“Wedgieboy…GOOD GRIEF!

On the other hand, a wedgieboy (pronounced wedj-ee-boi) typically is generations younger than me. Think “adolescent male child” though older males might do this, too. They are pranksters, the bane of geeky children like I used to be.

More likely than not, wedgieboys think farts are funny – well, most boys do -, they are high energy kids, joke around a lot, but are liable to torment band kids, bookish kids, kid brothers, kids with glasses, new kids in school who have yet to establish their status within the herd, and kids with differences over which they have no control, i.e. the weak and the innocent, we the geeks. And these vulnerable kids are the natural prey for application of wedgies.

Wedgieboys may even post evidence of their activities on the Internet. If you have any curiosity about the subject or don’t know what a “wedgie” is, click on the link. 

Remember: A weggieboy is not a wedgieboy!




67 thoughts on “Post 1534: Listen up!

    • That’s a fact, Michael! Though many are unfamiliar with “wedgies” – having been raised in nice communities…! LOL! – even fewer make the connection with Wegener’s granulomatosis, reasonably enough.


  1. Just catching up with you again, Doug! I never confused you with Wedgieboys; in fact I never knew what one was or even heard of one until I tried to Google your blog early on, and came up with the other, much to my surprise. I did get you mixed up with “Wegies” though, which is what Norwegian Forest Cats are affectionately known as. I initially thought Andy and Dougy were Norwegian Forest Cats. I soon knew better, and they became my favorite Persian Brothers!


    • I never thought about that expression being idiomatic and, therefore, confusing. It just means pay close attention. Of course I didn’t help posting photos of Andy and Dougy (thrown in because people expect cats not rants!) , which were meant as place holders instead of the main thing.

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  2. You mentioned your illness earlier but I didn’t know how serious it was until I clicked the link to the Wikipedia article. Good grief! You’re so good natured in writing about your daily life with the kitty boys, one would never know you were so afflicted. I’m glad it’s in remission and hope it stays that way. I’m looking forward to more stories about Andy, Dougy and yourself.


  3. You have always been so kind in following my blog! Thank you! 😃 I think that people sometimes jump to conclusions instead of thinking first… I know that I have gotten some weird responses at times to some of my blog titles. 😉 I recommend you keep being you. Glad to hear that your disease is in remission. Your cat photos always make me smile! 🐱 I will try to do better at commenting on your blog. Keep smiling! 😊


  4. When I first started reading your blog a couple years ago, I thought the other briefly. I wish it were the other so you didn’t have to suffer.


    • And that’s exactly why I periodically explain the name. Wegener’s really beats you up unless it kills you first. Getting wedgies is much safer for the victim. Believe me, I know whatever I die from, there will be a Wegener’s granulomatosis connection.


  5. I agree – remission is the best part !
    I knew Weggie was not a wedgie, but I had been pronouncing it wrong in my head ! So glad you cleared that up.


    • While I don’t stew about having the disease or worry about things like it killing me in the end, it does bother me that I was innocent (!) enough that I didn’t realize how confusing “weggieboy” might be. It wasn’t a normal activity in my friend circle to bully others.


  6. Hmm, I’ve been wondering if I should change the title to my blog with Lexi now an Angel in heaven. Or start a new one. Guess I’ll leave it alone and people will figure it out. Thanks for the explanation – although I had not thought of it as wedgie boy, I still didn’t know where the term came from.


    • I asked if I could do it without losing all the posts extant or other complications. The WordPress help people recommended against it mostly because it might cause me to lose some followers when they missed the change.

      As much as I’d like to think every single person following me comes around every single time I post, I see the stats, and see absolutely the majority don’t!

      There is a possibility I could reverse the title (weggieboy’s blog) and the tagline (surviving retirement with two cats), which defines the basic content of the blog better. I know both come up when you Google “weggieboy’s blog”, though it usually brings up lots of “wedgieboy” sites as well.


  7. Well now I feel better. I have finally been following your blog long enough that I know the explanation from a while back. I did know what a wedgie was before but your condition was a new one for me. When I ran through a bunch of older posts to catch up when I first started I got the explanation and didn’t need to ask. But yes, at this point it would create problems to change the title and at least it’s unique.

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    • I keep running into people who don’t, and would change the name of my blog if the WordPress help people hadn’t recommended against it. Their point is one tends to lose followers that way, simple because they may miss out on an announcement about the change because they don’t come across your blog on that day, and other complications along that order.

      It was only after a couple years of sporadic postings under “weggieboy’s blog” that cats entered my life, then only after a few months after I got Andy and Dougy that the tagline “surviving retirement with two cats” came to mind. That would be a better name for the blog!

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