Post 745: Douggggg-eee…!

Some things have an “ick” factor that is greater than the actual ickiness of those things: It’s the idea of having kitty butt touching me, not the fact of it!

I don't care how much Dougy licks it, it's still kitty butt, and I'd prefer not to have it pressed against my arm!

I don’t care how much Dougy licks it, it’s still kitty butt, and I’d prefer not to have it pressed against my hand and arm!

In a word, “Ew!”

34 thoughts on “Post 745: Douggggg-eee…!

  1. Long-hair cats come with their own “ick.” Built in. My sister showed up last summer and stayed for 9 months. She and I both have immune issues, but she used to be a nurse so it was harder for her to deal with the cats in her environment.

  2. I don’t like the butts of my two, too. And I do not have a problem with my immune system. As well as I do not like their tongues on my face. How sweet? No, I know what they did with that tongue. Blergh.

    • Pewrhaps. Dougy usually sleeps pressed against my arm that way but facing the other direction. He’s always wrapped a paw (or his whole body!) around my arm when he nestles with me.

    • As someone who is immuno-suppressed, I do have to be aware of such things, though my doctor indicated at one time that reasonable hygiene aftewr contact with animals would be all I needed to be concerned with. Pet the cats, wash my hands before eating or putting my hands on my mouth (or up my nose — hee! hee!)

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