Post 317: David’s heart surgery update video

David and his two cats (Zeus and Phoebe) continue to do well, and here is his update video:

I tried to make a donation via PayPal, without success. I keep running into some glitch where I completely fill out the details they need, but it insists I’ve left a field incomplete. It doesn’t highlight or indicate in any way which field it might be, so….

I doubt David wants his address out on the Internet, but I hope to figure out some way to contact him to offer some financial help for both his immediate expenses and for his cat foundation.

Post 309: David’s heart’s doing fine for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s David’s latest update on how his recovery from major heart surgery is going:

Two weeks ago, David was handed a death sentence if he didn’t have immediate heart surgery, and today, well, you watched the video! Amazing, isn’t it?!

Post 304: Update on David and his recovery from heart surgery…

Here’s the update on David and his recovery from heart surgery:

There’s a short update on how his ginger cats, Zeus and Phoebe are doing, too!

Post 302: Days after major heart surgery, David posts a video update….

For those of you who know of Zeus and Phoebe the ginger cats’ human’s major heart surgery this week, here is their human (David) updating his subscribers on what happened and how he’s doing. It is pretty encouraging!

David still has a long way to go to heal and return to work, but I felt he looked and sounded good in this video.

God bless, David, and good healing!