Post 332: David’s update on himself and his cats, Zeus and Phoebe…

4 thoughts on “Post 332: David’s update on himself and his cats, Zeus and Phoebe…

    • Me, too. I suspect the hardest part is being away from his Zeus and Phoebe, though! I know I miss my boys when I am out of town for even a few hours, and can’t wait to get back to see and be with them!

  1. My hubby says welcome to the zipper club to David and he has the same scars down his chest.
    Hubby has had three open heart surgeries and two stint surgeries.
    He has a fractured sternum wire from the last one and it gives him pain.
    He says to tell David to be care of fracturing his sternum wire by lifting to much and over doing.

    • David’s been instructed not to lift over 10 pounds, but it sounds like he might be testing the waters for higher weight loads…. He mentioned his oxygen tank and cart, for example, and lifting that into the car. Even driving a car this early seems a bit risk to me, but I totally understand how one wants to restore control of one’s life as soon as possible after a major illness or surgery, having been there (illness, two major one in four years…). Your point seems dead on to me.

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