the August recess

I apologize to you for living in a red – no, scarlet! – state. I didn’t vote for anyone representing the state in the House of Representatives or Senate, these people- all conservative Republicans- who contributed to the deadlock in Congress.

Thanks to the August recess, the Congressmen and Senators from my state can’t hurt you for a few weeks, but they will be recharging their batteries in a state where Congressmen and Senators tend to stay in office till they die or retire.

Nebraskans are good people. Don’t let me give you any other impression. Pay their taxes. Go to church regularly. Raise good kids. Are polite. Love their country, though it is a very white one. Put their flags out on holidays. But, man, do they send some extremists to Washington!

Just don’t blame me. I only vote once per election.

"Yeah! You better hide yer face, varmit!"

“Yeah! You better hide yer face, varmit!”