My cats like to help.

My new all-in-one-machine came today. I had lots of help unpacking it. Andy wanted all the crinkly stuff, and Dougy couldn’t wait for me to empty the shipping box before he tried it out! At one point, Andy ran off with a crinkly packet with instructions in it. He did that with the crinkly packet of instructions for the Dyson DC41 animal vacuum, too. It’s his “thang”! While I chased Andy for the instructions, Dougy prepared to swan dive into the packing box, but I stopped him just in time!

Even with the help from my boys, the installation went reasonably smoothly, as these things go. I didn’t blaspheme even once! (Of course not – this is church stuff in the print queue! I used standard street terms to smooth a rough spot or two. Ha!) It is nice to have a modern all-in-one machine again.

There is a deadline on when my friend needs her bulletins and study materials. I wanted to finish all my printing today if possible. And I did! It is fair to note, however, that Andy continued to help me (see video),

and Dougy freaked out because I made him get out of his box, one that didn’t exist in his universe until today. Really! Who wants cat hair – or butt! – on their church bulletin? It’s the one I saved to keep the printed material neat until I can give it to my friend.

Dougy was so cute, though, pouting like a kitten each time I lifted him out of the box. After I folded the flaps in, he tried to open them up. It concerned me he might do claw damage to the printed materials, so I put the box up high, where I probably will forget it until the friend I did the printing for calls me up and asks, “Doug, did you get that material printed?”

Anyone who’s raised kids won’t feel sorry for me putting up with two nosy cats while I work, but I want all of you who have cats or live alone to sigh, now, and say, “Awww! Poor thing!”