Cool cats.

Today, it is 92 degrees F (34 degrees C) outside, but all the kids are back in school, the life guards back in college, the pool drained. Tonight’s paper reported the local swimming pool closed for the season last weekend.

The cat brothers and I are OK with the weather since we have air conditioning if it gets too grim, though I turn it on only when the inside temperature hits the low 80s (27 and over, C). If family were here, I’d probably leave the air conditioning on, but I don’t need it so much as use it when things get too sweaty, when it approaches 100 (32).

I turn it on more for the boys’ comfort than mine. I guess Persian cats need a little air conditioning! They feel cool to the touch, though. Maybe they thermoregulate using that thick hair as insulation from the outside heat. I don’t know. They don’t pant or drink more water than usual, so must be comfortable.

I’ve noticed one thing about cats, though. They are able to find the warmest or the coolest place in a room, depending on the season.

In summer, at night, Andy sleeps by a fan in my bedroom. There’s an open window by the fan, too. Dougy chooses a spot on the floor in the bathroom, which is cool to the touch.

In winter, the boys sleep right where the heat from the radiant heaters is most toasty. Another happy spot is in the pet carriers, which have old towels in them, along with a little security from things that go bump in the dark.

Regardless of season, though, my boys are cool cats!