treat time

Andy was a bit late for treat time this morning. I don’t know what happened. He’s as reliable as the atomic clock in Ft. Collins when it comes to treat time.

Oh well! I got up to stretch my legs and take some dishes to the sink from the cats’ breakfast. Andy heard me moving about, and ran over to his “hinting place”, a slice of cottonwood branch from a large tree that blew down in the city park a of couple years ago or so. For whatever reason, the boys love to sit on this piece of tree. Andy especially likes it, and runs over there to let me know he wants his treats, NOW!

Anything you say, Andrew! You’re the cat.


“Blah Monday” struck today.

The antidote to this malady is simple: Change routine a little, just enough to sink the “Blah ship”. You know, the ship captured in the middle of the Pacific Ocean without wind for its sails.

Ice cream for breakfast might help!

Ice cream for breakfast might help!

Urg. Even a little change from routine takes motivation. “Blah Monday” is all about limp will, no plan, inertia. I can’t predict if I’ll even get through this post, I have so little…um…whatever.

I’ll try two things, though. I’ll turn off the news. Here in Rutlandia 2013, I can’t get excited about which undeclared Republican candidate is going to run against the undeclared probable Democratic candidate in 2016. Or if the predicted 99 degree Fahrenheit high for tomorrow is because of a natural process or me burning fossil fuel in my large, white American car. What I’d give for a man-bites-dog story just now! No spin, just a simple goofy story of no interest or impact on my life! Insert a “smiley face” here!

"Get a grip, man!"

“Get a grip, man!”

Oh, I said “two things” to beat the grip of “Blah Monday”, didn’t I? Turning off the news is a good start, but that just leaves time freed up for something else.

I could play with the cat brothers, but Dougy and Andy decided to break routine and find a place to sleep off their blahs. I mean, it’s time for the kitty treats and Andy – little Andy! – can’t build up enough energy to break the “Blah Monday” spell and trot over to my computer to whine and kitty-eye me into submission to put out the Greenies. How bad it that?

I think I’ll put on some light classical music and read a book, a light book. I know. If I turn off the news, too, that’s three things. Whatever.


UPDATE: I nearly finished the book, and played public radio instead of a CD. It didn’t start out very well. I no sooner sat down, turned on the radio, opened the book than the roar of the lawn service’s mower began. That went on for a long time, but, once it ended, I settled into a lovely day of reading and music! No more “Blah Monday”!