Senator Fischer tells of shutdown impact on Nebraskans

Just when I prepared to say to hell with it, the junior Senator from Nebraska, Deb Fischer made this speech on the Senate floor:

I didn’t vote for her because I thought she was too conservative, but I just sent her a “thank you” for being a sensible voice in a mad world. I still don’t agree with the “how” part of strengthening the economy, creation of jobs. That’s something they’ll have to work on in Congress.

She made me feel hopeful something can end this nonsense before the worst possible moment: A conservative member of Congress actually understands the impact of the shutdown on ordinary citizens..

I’m kind of proud of her, actually, and, though I don’t agree with her on much, I appreciate the fact she understands how teamwork benefits us all. I especially appreciate the fact she paid attention to constituent e-mails telling of the difficulties caused by this outrageous shutdown.


The two comments so far suggest I was a bit over the top about this speech. Don’t worry. I slept well last night, for a change. If that’s all I get out of the speech, good enough. She’s just one of 100 in the Democratic Party-controlled Senate.

It’s Adrian Smith, the Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District of Nebraska I am more concerned about since he is in the Republican Party-controlled House of Representatives, is ultra-conservative, and isn’t someone I particularly trust on any level. He’s in a more prime position to cause mischief than Fischer.

One needs to hear all sides of an argument, not just the one that matches one's closely held prejudices....

One needs to hear all sides of an argument, not just the one that matches one’s closely-held prejudices….

“Trust but verify,” as Ronald Reagan said. He was only talking about reduction of atomic weaponry in the hands of the Soviet Union, not spoiled brats playing Congressmen and Senators bent on destroying America from within.

8 thoughts on “Senator Fischer tells of shutdown impact on Nebraskans

  1. As a Nebraskan who has lived outside the USA for more than 35 years, I have been aghast to watch the nation’s political antics of the last few weeks. I like the spoilt-child analogiy you make in your blog post, weggieboy.
    And for as cynical as I may be about politicians in general, I’m pleased that Deb Fischer, who is so conservative, has taken the stand she has.
    Thanks for sharing this so I knew.

    • There is reason to be cynical. She’s a politician, first in the almost 100% Republican Nebraska Unicameral (very conservative), then as US Senator. See the letter from NebraskANN.

  2. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but taking to the floor to express your sorrow at the hardships suffered by your constituents is basically this week’s Washington game. Members of both parties and both Houses are doing it publicly, but privately they aren’t moving an inch. Each side continues to call the other intractable. Moreover, Republicans won’t vote to reopen the government or avoid a default unless they also get some huge prize, like entitlement reform, the Keystone pipeline or delaying Obamacare. Their job is to keep the government running, yet they think they need a big reward for doing that job? C-Span was either the best or worst thing to ever happen to Congress. If you watch it this week, you’ll see lots and lots of these fake homages to the folks back home from members of both parties.

    • I didn’t see this on c-span, so I don’t know if the camera panned to the empty chamber or not during this speech. I’d have to sit through it again to see if I can detect any edits. I don’t recall any.

      I absolutely agree with the President that they shouldn’t be rewarded for this travesty, that all he’s asking from them is to do the job they were elected to do and are Constitutionally required to do. They were elected to work for their constituents, but not at the expense of their country.

      I personally think their 21st Century counterparts in Congress exhibit behavior in this shutdown that is traitorous, if not by some legal standard, then by some higher moral standard. For the Southern contingent, that would be expressed WWJD. [What Would Jesus Do?] Hypocrisy abounds.

      I also am aware that before Tip O’Neil stepped in to make the rule that the camera had to show the chamber periodically, that people like Newt Gingrich successfully used the c-span broadcasts to put out right wing propaganda, and that that was how he made his grand entrance in our political life, made his climb to House Speaker. (For people not aware, these speeches typically are given after the close of the session, to an empty chamber.)

      Beyond doubt the end of the shutdown will include some unsavory deal, and, until that comes about, there will be lots of flags propped behind scoundrels crying their crocodile tears, with their buffed up American flag pins in their lapels, and unctuous panderings to their constituents to make sure they aren’t put in the losers’ pile for this travesty against millions of Americans.

      Yep, Fischer said some lovely words, but I hold her to them. Remember, dog shit is more popular than Congress at this point, and I’m not joking around. At this point, I want to believe in something, that this politician even believes what she said, if possible, so probably gushed on a bit too heavily in her favor.

      • I want to apologize for the tone of my comment. I don’t like being so cynical and, in normal times, I don’t think I am. As for Sen. Fischer, it is hard for me to believe her sentiments were heartfelt after her many, many #DefundObamacare tweets in August. She’s new, and I’m hoping this episode can be a learning experience for us all. I like your blog, weggieboy, and I’m sorry for the rant.

      • Don’t worry about it! I am not about to go into the light for this Senator. In fact, today’s blog may be about the brat making a spectacle at the grocery store, causing great upset among the other shoppers. The cause of the tantrum: “Gimme candy!” I don’t believe the Republicans deserve or should get “candy” for their behavior, and rewarded the Democrats with a small ($25) donation to carry on fights against Republicans running for Congress in 2014.

        As for the cynicism, I guarantee Deb Fischer gets a full scan when she runs past my screening station.

        The longer the shutdown, the bigger the next check to the DCCC. Seriously.

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