a little surprise

Anyone with a long-haired critter knows what it’s like. You’re walking barefoot through the house, usually, typically in the dark, and your foot comes on something wet and squishy…!

Well, this morning, after smelling a strong smell of poop while seated at my computer and thinking “someone” laid a minefield in the litter box a few feet over, I noticed a small, roundish object under my desk.

“Hmm!” I thought, “Looks like a ball of hair.” (I know! I know! Twenty-twenty hindsight suggests I was goofy to think “hairball” when 2 + 2 = ….)

I examined it with my big toe: It felt wettish, not particularly squishy, so I pressed a little harder and drew my foot toward me….

Yep! A poopball, beyond doubt, not that there was any doubt of that to any sentient being before I put my big toe on it, eh?!

I’m no virgin to poopballs, having had long-haired cats two years and four months, only now it was a squished, smeared poopball – in the carpet, on my big toe (it curled over the tip and smeared onto my toenail as well)….

May I be forgiven if I then spoke my favorite word, ironically, loudly at the precise moment 2 + 2 =’d “poopball”?


There was a used paper towel on my desk for some reason, fortuitously, so I wiped up the poopball smeared on my big toe, and tossed it. I found a sponge I’d used last to clean up hairball and cat vomit (every cat household has one…), wet it, and finished cleaning the carpet of the smear.

Because Thanksgiving in America is a week from tomorrow, the boys regular visit to their cat groomer was moved from the usual Thursday to next Monday, November 25th. Good! Once I start finding poopballs with my bare feet, I can’t wait till grooming day.

I’d toyed with letting the boys wear their hair long instead of in a teddy bear cut because they are especially pretty now with longish hair. The shorter hair, though, corrects the one thing that is unpleasant about having long-haired cats. Well, three: mats, hairballs, and poopballs hanging off their little butts to be carried into the house to fall off – always! – on the carpet.

Mats and hairballs are easily controlled with brushing and diet. Poopballs…! Yes, I’ve decided to let the boys wear a bit longer hair, but their little butts, underside of the base of their tails, and the hair that traps poop on their hind legs will get the hygienic trim job.