Post 644: Dougy’s new ‘do

With just a hint of “horns”, Dougy posed nicely for this portrait.

66178226horns[For those unfamiliar with cat “horns”, here’s an early photo of Dougy at his horniest!]


 Dougy as he appears now.


What? I actually got one of Dougy looking straight into the camera??! (How about that tail?)

Most of them looked more like this than the top photo.

Most of them looked more like this than the middle photo.

  Next: get a decent photo of Dougy in a nice background! Of course, there’s Andy’s photo to take, too, but he’s hiding since he hasn’t had his medicine yet today.

23 thoughts on “Post 644: Dougy’s new ‘do

    • I try to give him his medication at approximately the same time each day. If I miss that time by too much, the risk is over-dosing him the next day. Yes, the little rascal got to skip his medicine yesterday! (On the other hand, he’s sleeping on my computer desk right now, and I think there is a dose of medicine in his immediate future!) Yes, they have athletic crew cuts for the time being, though the hair is longer than it seems.

      • Andy got his Sunday dose of medicine and was none too pleased about it! He protested with a sad little angry meow, but calmed down when I told him he was a good boy and I massaged his back and shoulders.

    • I thought so, too! Andy’s is equally good looking, but he has managed to elude me all day (He hasn’t had his medicine yet, and seems intent on not having it today…!) My goal for Andy today is two-pronged: Catch the little begger for a photo and take his picture!

    • Apparently not since I’m not sure what you are talking about. Is it one of those Animal Planet alternatives to Super Bowl? (Like the puppies?) If so, I probably will look it up. In fact, I should check into it now while I’m thinking about it, and make my plan to see it! Thanks!


      Good thing I looked it up. I’ve put a note on my desktop to remind me to watch it. Here’s the information for anyone else who might be interested in Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel:

      Kitten Bowl #kittenbowl | Hallmark Channel
      Hallmark Channel
      Sun Feb 01 12:00:00 EST 2015. Sun Feb 01 15:00:00 EST

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