Post 864: “It’s about time!”

Poor kitties! I was at the military museum well past four pm today and the boys were hungry.

Never mind there was dry food out in case I was late, always a possibility, and water ~ they wanted their wet kitty food…NOW!

Supper is super say the boys, but it best better be on time next time! (We know where you sleep...!)

Supper is super say the boys, but it best better be on time next time!
(We know where you sleep…!)


35 thoughts on “Post 864: “It’s about time!”

  1. Our house is going through the opposite! Wet food down for breakfast with 2 little furry faces watching mom dish it out. Down goes the awaited wet FF. 4 little blue eyes stare up at mom….and walk away. Food taken away with cursing in the background by mom not by me and Kali…. Now we’ll see if Kali and I feel like FF for supper….Kali has been into the kitchen but was told wait till supper.


    • I don’t ever give the boys human food but they both hang out when I’m doing anything in the kitchen, even just washing the dishes, on the false hope I’m preparing something good to eat for kitties.


      • These two never bother me in the kitchen. They don’t go for peeps food either…I gave Shoko a Wheat Thin piece one day when she seemed interested and she spit it out and looked at me…like, “What are you trying to do tome?”


      • A familiar scenario! Just this morning Dougy was worrying an empty bag from a cheese Ritz Bits box. There wete a few crumbs in it that he wanted (he thought). I knew he wouldn’t want them if I opened the bag so he could get to them, so I did just that. Of course, he sniffed at it, scattered the crumbs all over the floor, and left. No I have a little mess to clean up but he’s not curious about the Ritz Bits any longer, which I was 99.9% sure would be the case. (I wouldn’t let him eat these if he had been interested, though. I was concerned he’d shew the plastic sack and swallow that.)


    • If I don’t, I run the risk of 10 poinds of raging feline (give or take) pouncing on me ion the middle of the night. They don’t do much harm but the do disturb one’s sleep when they walk up and down your prone body….!


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