Andy demands equal time!!! Rawr!

andy in window 11 17 2013

Andy watching the backyard fir tree for birds.

This will be a shorty today because I just realized it’s 48 minutes past “feed-the-kitty-time”. Cats sleep on computer keyboards for a reason, you know: To keep us from forgetting important things like, well, “feed-the-kitty-time” and “play-with-the-kitty-time”, and “kitty-treat-time”. If my boys were outdoor cats, there’d be “let-the-cat-out-NOW-time” as well. You get the idea, I’m sure.

Gotta go. Andy’s standing there sucking in his fat little tummy to remind me of something….

Before long, he’ll be punching it out on my computer keyboard: f-e-e-d=t-h-e=k-i-t-t-y=t-i-m-e…

Umm. OK!