another lazy day

I woke up early this morning. I probably dream all the time, but I rarely remember them. Today I remembered the dream. Yes, another gardening dream!

In the dream, I used a favorite spade, one that belonged to my grandmother, who also gardened. My mother “inherited” it when she and Dad brought Gram up to the house when Gram became unable to care for herself. I still have it. It’s a favorite gardening tool.

The spade slid easily into the perfectly tilled dream soil, which I turned one more time to complete the process of double-digging the garden space in preparation for planting. I love the smell of freshly turned loamy soil! Though I didn’t have this smell strike me in the dream, the pleasant sensation I feel in that circumstance woke me up.

What kind of dream is that? Ha! Not much action. I suppose there is some Freudian significance in digging soil, Mother Earth, but let’s keep our thoughts pure! Gardening dreams are my favorites because I like the effort and sensations of gardening, that little miracle of a planted seed germinating into something that tastes good to eat and is healthy, too.

I got up, fed Dougy and Andy, who were very grateful for the timely food, washed some dishes, heated up some leftover French toast in the microwave, and made some tea. (I forgot to roast coffee beans yesterday, so had none ready to grind today.) I watched “Morning Joe”, amazed that for the second day Mika told Joe “Shut up!” several times, and he shut up several times. Perhaps he reads the comments on their facebook post because the most frequent complaint about Joe is he interrupts everyone all the time.

During “Morning Joe”, both the cats’d found a spot to sleep off chicken-lobster (ugh!) cat food. My little angels looked so sweet and happy, I decided they had the right idea: Go back to bed!

Back to bed I went. I ordinarily don’t benefit from extra sleep, but those extra four hours this morning hit the spot! I don’t remember them, but I woke up from my extra sleep with that happy feeling I get when I have gardening dreams.