a new camera

My new point-and-shoot came yesterday. I’m not totally unfamiliar with the functions since it is the same brand (Nikon) as the one I wore out, but it’s just enough different that I will need a little start-up time learning how best to use it.

The lovely Dougy in a new head shot for my facebook page.

The lovely Dougy in a new head shot for my facebook page.

The photo above is a screen print from an accidental video I shot. The still photo (below) shows a grumpier, less friendly looking Dougy, which he is not!

Dougy isn't a grumpy cat.

Dougy isn’t a grumpy cat.

After a few involved posts lately, I’m settling today for this minimalist look at what my new camera can do.

Incidentally, the second photo shows Dougy’s colors with more subtlety than the screen print. Both he and his brother Andy are very pretty cats!


Simple, light-weight, and capable of making adequate videos. And cheap! (Check me out on YouTube, where my full range of videos came be found at phainopepla95 , though many are here on my blog and facebook as well.)

Nikon Coolpix S100

Nikon Coolpix S100

It’s a Nikon Coolpix S100 like this one in the photo. It’ll do until I decide if I really want to get into a serious camera with interchangeable lenses again. (I still have Nikon film cameras – an FTN and an F2, I think it is – and a range of lenses that I bought 40 years ago when I was in the US Army. I don’t use them because of the hassle of finding and developing film, not to forget the hassle of storing negatives and prints. I am fully committed to digital!)