a slow melt

november 23 2013 weather

At noon, we are just about at the predicted high for the day. The sun’s out, though, and there’s been some melting.

The people who shovel the walks at this complex now shovel around and behind my car, which is nice. The prevailing winds this time of year always put a drift along the driver’s side of the car, and there are times I’ve ignored the weather report only to wake up to a deep drift to climb through to enter my car.

If any significant winds and snow are predicted, I back my car into place so the driver’s side is relatively snow-free. Of course, since large drifts always form by the front and back doors, if there are any snowstorms bad enough to put a large drift by my driver’s side, I probably can’t open my door to get out anyway!

Not always, but most times, the people who clear snow get on it in a timely manner. They are a small group, so, unless you call to let them know you have a specific reason to get out of your house and driveway before they get to it, they start at one end of the complex and work to the other, systematically opening up lanes first, then sidewalks, then parking spots. All in all, they do a good job of a tough assignment, so I don’t complain.

I didn’t plan on leaving the house today anyway.

I keep the heat low in my place since I always can snuggle under a comforter (which I like to do!), and that way I can save the place money. Of course, the cooler apartment means yesterday, today, probably the next few days are my favorite breakfast days: oatmeal the way I like to fix it!

Today’s oatmeal was a nutmeg-brown sugar-pecan business that I ate with peanut butter toast, coffee, and cranberry juice. I should have eaten an orange or grapefruit, too, but I have bananas on the counter. I had one of those.

As you doubtlessly know, once you reach a certain age, you don’t buy green bananas…well, I’m not there yet, but I still have the problem of eating them before they turning into banana bread bananas. (AKA “rotten garbage”.) As much as I like a piece of banana bread (with pecans instead of walnuts) with peanut butter spread on it, I don’t need to have yummy baked goods around. I’m fat enough!