Post 1939: Mrow! Dougy tries to take over the lounger…

Andy catches Dougy on the lounger. There is a faceoff!

Dougy is full of cattitude today! “I had it before you! MINE!” Andy has to make a move.

Well, this wasn’t one we expected, but it stopped a serious confrontation.

Dougy is adament and holds his ground. Andy cleans up, What else can he do till Dougy tires of the lounger? (Later, Andy reclaims the lounger, and Dougy is content taking the recliner.)

16 thoughts on “Post 1939: Mrow! Dougy tries to take over the lounger…

    • It’s part of the show! Yopu have to see that to appreciate the intensity of their “conversation”. They don’t yowl or hiss, so it isn’t up to the murder stage mopst times they disagree about the sistribution of assets!

        • I suppose their squabbles are pretty mild compared with most cat fights. Mostly, it involves posturing, a chase, some wrestling, then things are done as as long azs the offending kitty boy accepts the other’s assertion about the ottoman, recliner, or other contended territorry. It may take more than one confrontation like this to make the point. The worst that’s happened is one will end the buisiness with a mouthful of the offending/defending brother’s fur in his mouth. No wounds from bites so far! I sup[pose the thick fur is responsible for that to some degree.

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