Post 420: Andy’s favorite toy

Andy is a suspicious little cat, and doesn’t readily come to play, unlike his brother Dougy, who’s always up for play. Because of Andy’s quiet nature, any time he shows interest in something or wants to play, I definitely encourage him!

Most of the toys Dougy likes, Andy doesn’t. One toy is almost exclusively Andy’s: the rod with the multi-colored ribbon on it, the Cat Charmer (so it’s called)!

I lead Andy into temptation...

I lead Andy into temptation…

I have his interest!

I have his interest!

I leave this toy out because it is kind of fun to see that Andy’s been playing with it, specifically, it’s never in the same place I last saw it! Andy picks it up and carries it around.

Most mornings, I wake up, and it’s on the floor by my bed. “Come play with me,” Andy tries to tell me. “Now!”

=(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)= =(^+^)=

We played a little with the toy, then went our separate ways. Andy came back, though, and crawled into a favorite hidey hole, the box across from my computer desk.

Andy, watching me from the box across from my computer desk.

Andy, watching me from the box across from my computer desk.

He knows I still have his favorite toy on my desk…!

9 thoughts on “Post 420: Andy’s favorite toy

    • I just checked that toy out, and I think you are right about its potential to please Andy! Dougy probably will like it, too, but Andsy’s the brother I have the hardest time getting to play.

      I just placed an order for the toy plus a couple of extra attachments. Something to look forward to! I have family coming a few days from now, and they will enjoy playing with the boys and the toys, too since they are pet lovers, have their own “critters”!

    • I think “cute” works! He photographs younger than Dougy does since he has less of that Persian flat-broad-facedness his brother has.

      The toy is so cheap, it’s almost worth trying it even if she turns out not to like it. The only problems I’ve had with it is snapping it like a whip (oops!), which could cause injury to the kitty and one time I twirled it, it tangled on Andy’s tail, then I had a frightened cat with this toy hanging on his tail running around the house. I finally trapped him, but it took some effort to rescue his tail from the toy. I don’t twirl it like a Chinese acrobat anymore, either! I use it sort of like a fly fishing line, trying to entice him to pounce from the side. That way I’me not snapping it like a whip or entangling him in it.

    • He’s the little devil behind it, but I think he has the cuter face of the two boys, too!

      On the other hand, when Dougy washes his nether regions, he’ll hold his hind leg in front of his face like Snidely Whiplash, and furtively glance left and right. It cracks me up every time! He’s the comedian of the two.

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