Post 936: the “sheepies” are shorn….!

Dougy was grumpy because he was unhappy about being in the carrier. Andy always is a little grumpy, “because”! The main thing, Athena their groomer said they were basically good boys while there, and she once again gave them really good cuts, no matter what their moods.

Dougy snoops at my dirty breakfast dishes. Hey, it that a fantastic tail or what?!

Dougy snoops at my dirty breakfast dishes.
Hey, is that a fantastic tail or what?!

Andy chose his favorite perch on my pc to fluff his tail and take care of kitty grooming needs. He has a fantastic tail, too!

Andy chose his favorite perch on my PC to fluff his tail and take care of kitty grooming needs.
He has a fantastic tail, too!

Athena and I decided next time, in January, we will try something different. Instead of a teddy bear cut, she will trim under their arms, on their chests and abdomens, and (most importantly) under and behind the tails.

I’ve had them trimmed in teddy bear cuts till now mostly to control matting and poop on tail feather issues. Letting their hair grow out except as noted above should let their full beauty bloom, and, if Athena and I figure it right, matting won’t become an issue. 

The boys are smoke Persian cats. When they have longer hair, I’ll post photos so you can see how beautiful such cats can be! Andy and Dougy are cute now, but they will be spectacular in full form. Take my word for it.

52 thoughts on “Post 936: the “sheepies” are shorn….!

    • Wow! That one goes back awhile! Yes, the good old days when they got haircuts every other month became more problematic and irregular now that I have dialysis three times a week.

      • They are still pretty. I once had a cat that would get mats all the time and he wouldn’t let us brush him. When we tried he’d attack. We would bring him to the vet and get him shaved, he’d try to kill them too. Think he was abused when he was little. At home Troy could be pet, carried and hug but if you did anything he didn’t want all hell would break loose. He would get so crazy. I miss him. He had the most innocent looking eyes too.

        Too bad Andy and Dougy couldn’t drive themselves to the groomers. I lecture Jiminy and Chewie how they need to do laundry. Thats the big one. It’s one thing I really hate, will do anything else but procrastinate on laundry.

      • The kitty boys are fairly mild and agreeable about most things, but those mats…! I have to work on them now and then, here and there. They quickly get tired (and upset) about the attention.

    • Thanks! Yes, every other month they get a day at the spa, where they get shampooed, dried, trimmed, and fluffed. They get what is acalled a teddy bear cut since it is less extreme than the lion cut and (I think) more natural looking.

    • The tails never hget trimmed, so this is pretty much their tails in their full glory! Of course, when I let their hair grown out, it should be a similar length and texture all over their bodies. I’ve seen them that way when they were young, and they are quite pretty cats!

    • Until I got two of them, I’d never considered having a Persian cat. The late Louie the ginger cat was a lovely big tom, and I probably would have got another ginger cat if any had been available at the time I was looking for another cat. Actually, I came into Andy, then Dougy, pretty much by accident. Picking up Louie’s ashes at the veterinarian clinic, one of the technicians brought Andy out and set him on the reception desk. Andy was just six weeks old at the time, looked like a crazed drunken Scotsman (hence the name when I got him – St. Andrew being the patron saint of Scotland). He was so ugly, he was cute! I was offered the kitten. I had to wait till he was old enough to leave his mommy, but I had to return him to the clinic for treatment the first week I had him. (Parasite from eating an infected grasshopper….) . While he was there, he was reunited with his mother and littermates. The person who gave ANdy to me offered me Dougy a couple weeks after I got Andy, noting he and Andy played well together. I was planning on getting a companion for Andy, though this hadn’t been the plan. As it worked out, the two were a perfect match. Another brother and sister went to another home in South Dakota, and they (by reports back to me) apparently hate each other’s guts. LOL! I got the good pair. I’d never want two kittens at the same time again, but I survived the boys’ kittenhood..

        • It reminded me of what I’ve seen squirrels do. He sits there, and bats it back and forth with his two front paws, then he strains it through his incisors to comb it. He licks it, too, of course. I’ll try to make a video of it some time. It’s always a random event, so it will be pure chance if I get it on video.

  1. Andy and Dougy’s tails are impressive! I like their haircuts, too. I’m not sure what Mr. M’s heritage is, but we trim ‘under the tail’ and snip out other issues, as needed. Fortunately, he likes to be brushed, so we can usually control mats before they get too bad… I say usually because he doesn’t like being on his back – don’t think this is a security issue, as we never see him lie on his back, etc. Regardless, if he gets mats, they are usually on his tummy or under the tail.

    • It is an attractive alternative to that awful lion cut. An earlier groomer, Sarah, suggested it after the first time I had them trimmed, and that’s the only cut they’ve had so far. Note that their current groomer, Athena, and I decided to try an experiment that allows them to grow their hair longer. Since they are smoke Persians, they need to have their hair long for the full effect to show, and it is spectacular!

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