Post 295: videos Andy the Persian cat likes

Andy likes the insurance commercial where the fellow pours cat litter in front of the car tire to help get it unstuck. You know the one. The car drives off, then dozens of cats run to the snow-covered scene, attracted to the cat litter! Yeah, Andy likes that commercial, at about the 17 second mark to the end:

But Andy really liked this video, which I watched yesterday:

Andy found that video irresistible, probably because the kitten is having naughty fun! I noticed his interest, decided I’d replay it for him so I could try to capture his reaction on video. Here’s the result:

I left the rest of Andy’s story to the imagination, but had a comment today on facebook asking about what Andy ran off to do. Well…! He ran off to take a nap!

andy jan 31 2014 in soft focus

Unfortunately, I woke him up when I snapped the photo. Sorry for the soft focus, well, unfocused image. I’d turned off the flash earlier, which meant when I snapped a picture, the camera calculated an exposure time on a dark subject – Andy in shadow – that was longer than I could hold the camera steady! I like it anyway.


If you enjoyed the video of the kitten mauling the curtain, you need to check out the other videos Igor posts twice weekly of the family Scottish Fold cats and kittens. Here’s the link to his YouTube channel: