Post 296: photo evidence of Dougy’s naughtiness

Both Dougy and Andy are mild cats, part of their Persian cat heritage. That doesn’t mean they don’t have their days. The day I took them to be groomed last week, for example, was Dougy’s day to be naughty.

 Dougy jan 31 2014

I know most people doubt Dougy is ever naughty, that I “exagggerate” his misdeeds of that day, but take a close look at the photo above. Notice the position of the chair…. Yes, knocked over during the chase where it landed on top of things that had been on the seat, waiting for me to sort through them.

The knocked over chair created a convenient pocket in which to hide from “The Man”, a hiding spot that revealed Dougy’s lack of comprehension of the difference between thinking you can’t be seen if you can’t see your pursuer and you can be seen if your fluffy butt’s exposed but your head’s hidden.

Once Dougy hid there, he assured his capture!